Friday, September 30, 2005

riaa a bully

the riaa is nothing more then just a bully that wants to get his lunch money, they just want the entire pie, just cant have half. this is supposed to be for the artist but its more like to line their pockets. lets hope that all p2p does not stop, edonkey went down like a chinese whore, whos next? the riaa is a gang with the muscle, lawyers and such.... makes me sick.......

regenerating oil?

this article disusses the regeneration of oil in certian wells, check it

Mozilla number one!!

check this top one hundred. the top two products i use and endorse, need an invite to gmail hit me up.,aid,120763,pg,12,00.asp

tv and why?

have you ever noticed that tv these days is only fbi, doctor, or laywer shows. oh yeah and a modern day giligans island called lost. to bad the only thing good on tv is adult swim and the simpsons, and lets not forget the family guy. as if we only want to watch this non-sense, or is the only reason they make such rubish is because the public demands it!?!

tiny cans of pep

ever wonder whats in those energy drinks we all have chugged down once or twice. (some of which i wouldn't consider energy drinks, more like caffeine rush) also got some links to the drinks site.

computers used to detect deception?

i was triped out by this article. does this mean that computers will soon think!?! skynet will soon be invented and the movies will come true. does this mean the governor is the terminator?

want to stay awake

ever wondered ways to stay up longer without involving coke and tweak, these are some ways to stay up and they also seem to be good for your heart

does your brain sleep?

ever wonder if your brain actually shuts down? is so proceed

new for apple in october

check out this insider report

google wifi

google bout to offer wifi in san fran

Monday, September 26, 2005

two points for mari

mari did a nice gesture for her freind, really exemplifies the meaning of the word freind. way to go mari!

sky above

as i drove from work to the 99 cent store i looked up at the sky and noticed that the clouds where moving at a rapid pace, so i snapped a pic as the moved over the sun. i might add i was driving when i took this shot. i know it sounds bad but it was on a lite traffic day

hell of a long link

there is a hella long link below, even in tiny text :)

work at google?

ever wanna work at google? i never really thought about it, but lets watch the recurite video and see if maybe they can change our minds

In your face RIAA!!!!!!!

court overturns riaa mother-child case, mum cant be held responsible for daughter.

Spider man three villian confirmed

Looks like the news is in and the plans are set for spidey 3, the sandman teamed up wit venom! althought i was disapointed with the casting thought, check it out

put or shut up!

call me fishmeal is putting up a ransom for anoyne that can write virus that can exploit the mac osx with all the latest security up dates! ( "I'm going to offer a bounty of $500 to the first person who can prove that a Mac running Mac OS X (version 10.0 or greater, and patched to the latest security level available at the time from Apple) was accidentally and detrimentally infected with a virus that exploited a flaw in the base Mac OS X installation...."

the same old thing

sitting around all day, never a change, sitting at the same table, reading the same book, feed the dog at the same time, go to sleep at the same time , wake early for no reason, watching the minutes pass you by, never leaving the comfort of this routine, boring, makes the time pass slowly, tick, tick, tick, tick....

cartoons where have they gone?

remember the good old day's of cartoon classics? spending hours infront of the tv, not a care in the world. now a day's if you seek the shelter of these old classics they are no where to be found. I have even looked on cartoon network, and to my surprise its not there, although i did see cow and chicken once, but no ir weasel, or even dexters laboritory, i guess its of to the movie rental place and find them on dvd, i hope...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

100 most important people of the century

i was checking out and came across this very interesting, especially this man. the founder of sony. althought, now i feel their product has taken a turn for the worst. also, instead of all the legalities about illegal down loads,they should have started building the mp3 player they probably would have made way more money, and probably made a better player then apple.

Friday, September 23, 2005

1998 the year to date.

kevin brown did this in 1998, this guy was kool, hope he's doing good.... there are no rules, do what you feel is right

Praise Alllah!

father of the cause. there are no rules, do what you feel is right

sheila and i went to the house of the buda, and also ate some of the food in which they eat, but not the type of food i would normanally eat.
there are no rules, do what you feel is right

there are a whole lot of women in this photo. Its not even funny, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, all there sitting together. amazing to me that so many different generations are able to hang together. truely a gift to all of us.
there are no rules, do what you feel is right

waiting watching the waves as they roll in, i wait for the moment when the wave recesses and i can skim the water and catch air. waves and the dude kick'n it! there are no rules, do what you feel is right


the depths of the sea, Davy Jones locker and such... Posted by Picasa

check the sun

freeway check this out

The first time

the sun is shining down and the sounds of guitar chords run through my waiting ear. I ponder my options in which are laided out before me. Its like being in a candyshop as a child with only a dollar fifty and some much to choose from. My eyes bulging, mouth salivating, i half a powerful lust for the unknown....