Monday, October 31, 2005

He's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He died on holloween, oct 31 2005, Mr Hernandez, the Mr.Hernandez past a way into the great wide open. May God rest his soul and bless the rest of us.

pluto has more moons

i didnt even know how many moons pluto had. now it has more check this

sony is not playing fair

recently sony has been using rootkits to hide some of its malware like software. which is in fact bad coding with no uninstall. this is all generated from the digital rights management. poor sony :(

xml over pdf

microsoft wants to support the xml format over pdf (they created xml, no wonder they want to support it more then pdf). if you are not familar with the subject then click on to get the heads up on the dirty lowdown.

Friday, October 28, 2005

my friend

today my friend sean was informed that he will once again have to report for duty on dec 3 rd. this is news that is not good. i really feel for him and his wife. these next coming weeks will probably be the most stressfull time for the both of them. i only hope that he will not have to go.

microsoft vs google

microsoft has announced that google has now joined the list of company's that microsoft wants to squash. i really hope that google will develope their os and soon.

pod freeware

for those of you that have an ipod (i dont have one and frankly i dont think i will ever own one, to trendy) here are some apps (applications) that you will be able to load to youe ipod. for some this might be a whole new adventure, seeing how you have to hack the ipod to get the full functionality of the device. to bad apple sells products for those who are followers.

color perception

we all think that color is percieved by the eyes, but recent studies show that the brain has more to do with it then we

wal-mart with more problems

wal-mart is one of the largest retailers of dvd movies, and they do not want to support a netflixs type idea. guess we'll have to wait for the ignorent from the south. we seem to be waiting a lot on those ignorent southern people, "the bible belt." first it was slavery, then came oppression of afro-american people, and now the ideal way to distribute movies to the masses.

wireless internet

all of us who have or use wireless internet knows that it can be hacked. sniffers, and such can have a wireless key in 5 minutes. even if you use wpa, no one is really safe. this is an interesting article on the way to own the airwaves.

pyramid in bosnia?

an archiologist has found a pyramid underneath the ground, i dont know check it out.

frogs to save those with hiv

the most unlikely of sources can save humanity from hiv. so are we finding a way to help the gay population from uncertain death? is this a saving grace or just a way to perpetuate the idea's that homo sexuality is ok, after all we have them to thank for hiv and aids.

futurama is back

futurama is set to air on comedy central soon. this cool since it is only on adult swim and that is only some of the times.,1002,271|98271|1|,00.html

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 worst games for nintendo

These are about the worst games for nintendo, looks like the 8-bit system. some of these games i have never heard of. maybe thats why there on the list.

Seines in Deutsch (its in german)

Einige Zeiten fühle ich die Drücke des Lebens sind zu viel und wollen mein Selbst. übersteigen aber scherze wirklich vernünftig ich nur wollen lassen ist.

women feel more pain

so thats why they bruse so easy. so all you women beaters better read this. Just dont hit them that hard. the follow will be issued to save my ass: i neither endorse or find women beating acceptable, it was purely for joke.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

bit torrent user convicted

被打破 ! (translation: Busted!) you heard it here second, a chinese man of being th host for the download now been sent to jail for 4 years, poor 陳 Nai-ming. (translation: Chan Nai-ming)

free month of blockbuster online

check this out and tell a friend

mc escher

mc escher, hes not a rapper, has some of the craziest art work around. amazing and inspiring, check out the entire collection in order of era

free e books

microsoft is giving shit for free! this is not a joke, they really are so if you havent read war of the worlds, or edgar allen poes collection, or you just need the latest dictionary check out this page.


scientists have discovered a planet that has three suns, yes not one, not two but three. (almost like mickey, seven in one blow) they were all celebrating and after a round of beers and bong tokes they decided to call the planet tantooine. for those of you who have never heard the name before its a planet in the star wars saga, a very important city i might add. if you need a update watch the movie or search the web.

fixing pcs

i am so glad i dont need anyone to fix my pc. i could not imagine what that is like, although, i do come across it everyday. massive amounts of people that are truely frustrated, and want to shot their box. but not me, i usually ask about their problem and try to solve. i love it cause each one is different. some may be similar but none the same. i have seen it all, from 2500 different spyware detected on the same pc, people have tried to change their drives out and connected the cables, though, i still give them credit for a valid try. anywho, i still am very glad and fortunate to have learned the little (i say little because there is still more like tackling linux, and it work) in computers that i do know. you can all just call me the computer handy man.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

calvin and hobbes

hands down one of the funniest comic strips around. these are all bout snow, and some are to die for.

banner time

time to think

it has been a long time since i have been back to school, and i have to tell you, it has definatly changed. maybe cause its a jc but to me it seems to me that everyone is into their looks and not their education. not to mention people like to hang there at school like you have to be there all the time. i really dont like to stay at school unless i have to. but i guess i have realized that i am getting older and i am changing. thinking like some of the old people that are in this world. realizing that i am slightly out of the loop, or more so, dont want to be part of the loop. to much fakeness, if that is even a word. i guess i am just in a place of my own, not needing the others admiration, but maybe that of a women that shares the same feelings. only time will tell.

freeware apps.

looking for the good free stuff check this out. these are some of the best apps to use and they are all free.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

my space hacker

this kid is nuts, he explains it and everything. at the bottom it has a link to the story.

yet another ipod

here is another one that you can buy, and will be out just in time for christmas.

dvd jon

this young lad was the man behind the program to copying ur dvds, check it out.

Been so long

Well hello everyone, its been a while since i last posted. I have been busy with life and looking forward to future art projects. anywho, thought i give this personal file share app a try. i believe i posted the link earlier, cause i just picked up the beatles white ablum, except the 21st song, its proving to be a bitch. check out the new links and will get some of my personal pics on here soon. oh, goodie!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

more microsoft patch work

seems that microsoft has more changes to make on xp. time to turn your auto updates on , and get ready to

vista sidebar

this looks like it could be cool. i just wonder how much memory it will eat up? not to mention will it be fully customizable? i guess we'll all find

Friday, October 07, 2005


oh yeah its my birthday.

its alive

robofish, thats right you read it, robofish. it almost sound like a movie, hopefully not the next governor

if china can then why cant we?

this idea is probably the most cost effective way to put computers in the class rooms. the acceptance of linux would be the better for all, i dont use linux right know, but know that it is a nice alternative to windows. there just needs to be more support.

autolux and the coens

for those of you out there who did not know autolux has signed to the DMZ label, which is owned by the coen bros. they also worked with t-bone burnett, who did the music for oh brother, check them out if you havent heard their music

wifi in the sky

its like the mile high club for computers, they can hook up with anyone! this idea is cool, hope the plane dosen't crash.

to aol or not to aol?

we all know aol as amaerica on line, but that is no more. they are offically aol from now on. this change was made for sales over seas. :(

got html templates?

if not and you want some check to download some free templates that are easy to mod.

automatic door

this idea woul dbe so kool. espeacilly if you came home totally wasted, theres no need for a key.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Words from the simpsons

these are some of the words from the simpsons that have made there way onto wikipedia.

chernobyl pics

these are some pics of the chernobyl meltdown. not very nice, im glad i wasnt there.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

qnext and how to create your own p2p

here is an interesting program that allows you to create a p2p with a group of friends or with everyone. i like the idea for a closed circuit. email me if you want in.

poor jet blue :(

remember the la jet blue thing, well here are pics showing the landing

finally a ipod video

i have been waiting for them to come out with a video version for ever. they should have released it before the nano, which in fact the nano is not much of an improvement, not to mention the problem with the cracked screens. anywho check it

nerd jokes

here are some jokes for nerds to dis their mothers.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Come let us make bricks and burn them hard, We'll build a city with a tower for the world and climb so we can reach anything we may propose, anything at all Build me up, tear me down like a skyscraper Build me up, then tear down These joining walls So they can't climb at all I know why you tore it down that day You thought, that if you got caught we'd all go away, Like a spoiled little baby who can't come out to play, You had your revenge Build me up, tear me down like a skyscraper Build me up, then tear down these joining walls So they can't climb at all Well madness reigned and paradise drowned When Babel's walls came crashing down Now the echoes roar for a story writ that was hardly understood and never any good Build me up, tear me down like a skyscraper Build me up, then tear down these joining walls So they can't climb at all a song by bad religion. something to think about