Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Its seems like the people at blockbuster have an inability to control themselves. Either that or this guy is trying to make an ass of them and get some money and some fame at the same time.

Monday, November 28, 2005

More legal cases due to p2p

The music industry is a pool of legal back-and-forth nonsense. The underground is where I would go to if I were a musician.

nesified cover songs

the top ten cover songs done on the nes for games, you can downlaod the entire pac and listen, i havent heard them yet but i bet they are funny

fox trot

totally makes fun of sony and especially celine dion, cause she SUCKS, oh yeah and sony is one of the dumbest companies ever.

linux on gamecube

this is an example that linux can be run on many different devices. a lot of devices have linux in them. linksys routers, tivo are some of the devices.

sort of new format

i will no longer put the url in my post but instead will select random words that are in the posts. just look for the blue words. have a nice day

Free live concerts

If your like me then you really appreciate a band when you hear them live. It really happened to me when I saw primus like three times and now they have been permanently in the top five bands of all time, Les is the top bass player of all time in my book. But anyway, back to the live concerts, I also recorded a white stripes concert and will get many more, just use an app that allows you to record sounds that come through your sound card, I use magix recording studio. A very simple app. That allows recording as well as the ability to make tracks and adjust the sound quality.

dvd to divx

ever wonder how to make a dvd into a portable small file that you can move to your psp or other portable device? well now you can with this very informative guide on how to do just that, and even provides the apps. that you need except dvd decrypt, the company that bought the developer is no longer allowing it to be down loaded:(, so if you dont have that you may have to find another way. otherwise shrink away

nbc wants to sue

its almost like the large coprs. now a days just want to sue someone for some reason. now nbc has its sites on tivo because people can take there recorded show and move it to their psp and or shmIpod, i really dont like the ipods they where lucky that they where first. nbc says that the ability to move the content is a violation of the agreement that they had previously made.;(

mac os x stuff

in mac os x there are somethings that are in the os that most people dont know, on is really cool because if you have ever started typing and realized half way through that you where in caps the whole time, there is actually a service that can change all the letters that are not at the begining of a sentence back to lowercase with out having to re-type. very nice.

css templetes

these are some templates for css2 or xhtml 1.0, very simple but she gives the code.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

hacking history

the history of hacking and this is the link

School to far

This principle extended this girls suspention for three more days because of her online post, not fair, or is it

dos gamage

for those of you that like dos games like doom and wolf n3d then head to this site and down load them, even if you have xp, it will down load and install into a file via the dos emulator. kick ass

textbook website

this is the best thing since sliced bread. a website that you can find your textbook on. hope that its not the newest volume,


the mistery ofwhy the ketchup bottle always splashes a large amount of katchup on your burger. although this has never happened to me i guess i post this for those it has. then i guess that they would like to click on

Friday, November 25, 2005

time waster 2000

this is a game that is kinda addicting. it is very simple and fun. check it out

Moving faces

these two pictures are on this site and they actual move. of course you have to get up and walk bck a few steps.;( but it is worth it. watch them as you walk back to your chair, and when you sit down.

Fire and Ice

this is an interesting article on this island that is below a sheet of ice in the south atlantic. its pretty crazy that the island is errupting and lava is flowing out of it. really cool, cool enough to give one of your arms away!

USB Christmas

These are those last minute gifts that are all USB related. Some are stupid, well really all of them are, but these might be good for those people you don't like.

Mr.Miyagi has pasted

the famous "wax on, wax off" was said by this man as well as staring in happy days and green acres. Pat Morita was really brought to fame by the karate kid series. he pasted away in vegas of natural causes.

Poor Kazza

to must be the day of the p2p apps, first a limewire hole and now a new update for kazza, which i didnt know was still around. the court has ordered the owneer of kazza to release and up date that will have a non-option keyword filter, and you will not be able to share Eminem, Madonna and Kylie Minogue, but that is really no loss cause they all suck and i know that i personally would not search for those artist and would never download them.,2000061733,39224169,00.htm

Girlfriends are mad at gamer boyfriends

Mtv is running a support group for some college girls and how to deal or what to do to help their gaming boyfriends. i guess its a growing problems. i have one sollution, if your boyfriend spends more time with games and spends all his money on the games, then it is safe to say that he likes to play with himself, and you are not needed

hotmail problems

50 people have been contacting hotmail inregards to problems accessing the log on page and some cant get to their in box. 50 more reasons to switch over to gmail. if there is anyone intrested email me and i could sent you an invite to gmail. in the subject box put "for gmail invite".,39020330,39237555,00.htm

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Today is thanksgiving. Yet again, this holiday of family gathering and giving thanks for what we have. My thanksgiving is everyday, as I am thankful for waking up each mourning, whether it be sunny or overcast, its all fine and dandy, but I am just happy to see the next day. Its funny cause the only person I have talked to from my family that lives far away is my sister. My friend in Vegas even talked to me today. My family really exists here where I currently am. The five other people, would be would be ten in total if my sister and her family was here and of course my little sister, that are here are my true family. The rest of them really don't want anything to do with me and I really don't want anything to do with them. Especially if you go and say hello and they immediately leave the conversation, they really shouldn't be mad, its not my fault that an uncle of mine has to deal with an adopted daughter who is a dike. I would hate the situation too. I could never imagine having to deal with that. I would hate to have a dike for a daughter. But oh well that is someone else's problem, thank God. anywho, back to the family thing they are all present and the rest are doing what ever it is that they do, and most importantly its with out me.

oil theory

hopefully this will lower the price of oil. but i seriously doubt it.

nano motherboard

check out this nano board, you can hold it in your hand, usb and everything. check it out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

xbox 360 hacked?

this site is one of the only that says it has hacked the cod2 and it works. ok like anyone wants to try.

wild rumour

i heard that target will be selling the nintendo ds at $99. for the rest of november and maybe the rest of december. this is only a rumour so dont take it for real, your local target may vary.

bestbuy is what would have happened if Germany won the war

this is the worst company ever and this actual testimony from the horses mouth.

free wifi

if you can figure out how to use this site then you can have access to all the free wifi points in your area, unless ur bitch hips and drive around with your thinkpad for locations. i guess some guys are gay enough to prefetch the directions instead of just learning the area. i guess fat people are just lazier then the rest of us whom are not fat.

Dell Deal

if you are one of the people who must have a dell, a piece of garbage, then you have to check this guy's way of getting the best deal on a dell. you have to become a member of sick deals though.

free partioning software

if you dont have partion magic or own a copy ;), you can always use this free app that dose the same thing. not to mention its free, you heard it here and you may have not heard it here first but you heard it here, this is the latest in partion shiet.

Audio Tapes

this site i guess has the links to audio books, or something i looked cool,

Bit torrent and movie industry reach agreement

They have agreed to not post links to illegal downloads anymore, so no more fun until someone hacks the system and free reign again.;_ylt=AmUgjHOX.dPEn.ErE6.ONt.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3cjE0b2MwBHNlYwM3Mzg-


the firm is trying to disrupt apples itunes drm and i am liking it.

up the credit card company's arse

this old guy payed his credit card bill in tiny increments that amounted to a 35 long bill and was also a half an inch thick, just imagine the time. he said he could wipe out about 50 in 20 min. could you imagine the dedication, not me but someones got to do it. good for him.

Possible Google killer

this search engine is different, i really like the fact that it lists the type of downloads and other related content. google may have to watch out. is the link to check out this beta search engine.

Antimatter and Matter

i really have no idea what this is talking about and how it benifits man but i am really surprised that it came out of ucr. i always thought of that school as a bit of a joke and it was for all the people that wanted to fit in.

Photoshop down loads

here are some free photoshop down loads. for all of you that use photoshop you might want to check it out, especially if you have an unregistered version :)

Black Friday edited

This site has edited the list for black Friday by type of item, this is so you don't have to go through the list yourself. Time to come up, yeah bietch! I would also like to add that office depot is not even mentioned on the list, will they even be busy? I am afraid not.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

google desktop

tho those whom i have told about google desktop just so you all know it adds at least 5 new processes to ur pc, so if you exceed at least 50 processes you should not run it as well as run a spyware app cause you are running to much. with norton running you should have at the most 36 processes running, the fewer the better.

bypass work or school network

here are a list of servers that can bypass some networks, that is untill the admin finds out the url and disables it. this happened at my work, but all you got to do is just try another, and anothern and another, just dont get fired or kicked out of school. /

Sober Worm

there is now a new virus threat that is sweeping the nation, almost like a dance step but much worse. the sober worm is the latest worm to come via email, and is addressed from the fbi or the cia. if you recieve anything from either of these groups discard it and what ever you do dont run the attachment! check this out for more details.

Intel Jingle

ever wonder where the intel sound came from? if you have or are just bored them check this site out and you will soon know the answer to the million dollar question.

Visual junk

this is a site that has soon puzzles if you will that are visually based. it is a trip, cause if you look at them just right you can figure them out.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

bullet tooth

One more for Sony

Sony has yet another hack on their hands. This time its the other uninstaller program that leaves you open to other malicious attacks. They might want to stop contracting out and do it them selves. I might just stop the problems, ... Unless they are the scapegoat.?

Google maps

we all have used the internet to find our way around the city we all live in, but ever wonder which mapping web site to use. there are the most common ones like yahoo maps, mapquest and many others. google now has their own, although its been out for sometime now. i checked it out the other day and it works really well. you need to have the address and the city and it finds your destination and looks good. much easier to visualize the streets. not to mention you can just look up some general locations as well as stores and other nifty places. take sometime to look yourself up.

The Legend of Zelda movie

There might finally be a movie that is based on the pop video game, and not to mention a movie based on metroid. Now that sounds cool. Video games and the movies is a bit hard to achieve though, I saw doom and it was alright, not the best acting but the first person part was worth it, and lets see if they use the camera angle more on metroid, since metroid prime, which looks brilliant on the game cube, is all in the first person. Which was the first installment that was in first person, all the others are side scrollers. Would be nice to see what comes about.

which trainspotting character are you?

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?
this a site that can help you find out which character you are. just answer some questions and find out. if you have never seen the movie, then get off your bum and rent it, and stop been a southern fairy!

Mouse hunt

This is an interesting article on the hunt for a good mouse. So far logitech still is the company that everyone is following. I really love their mice, I have a mx 300, two 310's and a 510 on my gaming pc. Their great. On a complete side note, I was always confused why people skimp on their mouse and by a really nice mouse pad. This has got to be the dumbest thing that I have ever seen, I use the word seen because I used to work at office depot and I would see it on a daily. The mouse is one the most important hardware devices that a person uses. That's like buying a set of really used tires for your car, eventually you will be forced to buy another set with in a year. That also applies to the mouse idea, buy a roll ball mouse today for around $9, and buy another one in like six month's when it gets dirty and they think its broken. Spend the money once and get a decent mouse, and as long as your not using it as a hammer then it should last a while. But that's just me

Alternative ways of finding music

Ever think of using google to find music? Well its possible, almost anything is possible with google, you just need the right string, since it is a Boolean search engine. Although, it is a little time consuming cause you have to get the right combo of filters to narrow the search results down right. The guy gives you an example that works and all you have to do is to replace the word kleptones with the artist in which you seek. Sound easy? Well give it a go!

Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving

Here is a complete list of all the sales from best buy all the way to some obscure stores or vendors. There are no more secrets when it comes to the sales, all thanks to the internet.


this is probably the only song i can listen to and feal completely happy. no joke. this song just makes me feal joy no matter what the situation, even when my gay cousin tries to be a dick to me and not want to talk to me, its almost like his father should get over it, and not be that way with mine, father of course, if you have a gay daughter then you have a gay daughter. at least shes not of the same blood. thank the lord! but all the gayness a side that is no way to treat a person who would have like to make up and kiss to make it all better. i hope someone from our fam will read this and relay the message. no more gayness will be accepted, as ignorent as it may seem, i do not respect the idea.

Friday, November 18, 2005

spyware illegal? maybe.

its about time someone discusses the idea that spyware would be illegal. anything with the word soy in it should be considered as an illegal act, after all spying on someone is against their own will. the real question is why has it taken so long?

Hooray for Mary Jane

It was discovered that Mary Jane can kill or really fight of leukemia cells. Yes score one for the team. Next stop stress relief or anxiety relief.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

perfect wifi passwords

never now what to use as a wifi key, or need a hex key of some kind, well visit here and they generat passwords for you, its secure so you dont have to worry. check it out and make sure that no one can get on your wifi. (note the s after http makes it secure, or should i say means tha it is, or even indicates.)

Best Game Ever!

ha! halo 2 dose not even get past a top 5 finish, there by down grading its over all popularity. definiatly the legend of zelda and final fantasy (1997 pre-playstation) and super mario bros. thank God that halo 2 was not on the list, but no showing of counter strike.

Firefox 1.5 rc3

Just released, out of the press, join in on the beta action. i remember the times before 1.0, i have been there sine the .5 ver. a long time and such great strides the people at mozilla have made. keep up the good work.

top ten robots

here is a list of the top ten robots that appeared in movies. surprisingly its on a christian web site. i might add, why would one take the time to create such a top ten? to much time on our hands.

compusa sale on the19th

here is a link to the coupon tha tyou print out and will be honored on the 19th of nov only. the coupon is for cost plus 7%. yes you read it cost plus 7%! hit it up!

music is good for the brain

stanford university has found that music can help children with there reading skills as well as with people with dyslexia. score one for music.

Mr. Brim wants to educate

So the man say's, I feal he wants to ruin Thanksgiving sales for a certain retailers. i dont blame him, the day after Thanksgiving is a joke. Especially the way people stand infont of stores at wee hours of the mourn. Truely sad.

Monday, November 14, 2005

virus timeline (although only throught 2000)

A breif timeline of the major viruses since 1984 and on. the term "computer virus", was coined in 1983, in a term paper. must have been some paper.,aid,32802,pg,7,00.asp

not really for free

Visa's free laptop deal is a fake. I guess its safe to say that nothing in life is free. There are so many hoops to jump through that its not even funny. In the end the laptop will all most run you any where from $900 to a $1000. valued at $850

sony gonna get the smack down

Sony still has not really released a fix for the cds and it is still getting horribly worst for the company. Public out cry's of boycott, oh no! Our beloved Sony where have you gone, say it ain't so, say it ain't so! =),1412,69559,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

The government is wanting to spy

This just in! Honeywell is threw with the development and first testing of a flying drone. Equipped with camera and battery can fly around and spy on the general public. Not cool, you might as well put a gps system on us and call it a day.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

ipod dock made of stone

this company is cool, they're from Japan. the concept os cool but only appeals to the higher end. I really like there web xite even thought most of it was in Japanese . The visuals where pretty interesting.

Monday, November 07, 2005

After the mass

We are all here after after the mass and I still feel the tension between the family. Some of the people here are not the type of people that I would hang with, sorry to say even though they are my family. Also I had an episode at the longs with this stupid lady. She was so self conscious. Any way this is a different day.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the rosary

to day was the day of my grandfathers rosary. the funny thing is that aboout 3/4 of the people there did not even know how to pray the rosary. its was quite embarassing that a catholic family dose not now how to pray the rosary. what a shame, i was more upset at the fact that mumbles would be heard when people who did not know what to say, especially the group to the back on the left on the left hand side. All in all, my grandfather looked peaceful and that all that matters. God Bless you Grandpa.

Top 10 replies when code dose not work

These are the top ten replies that programmers use when code dose not work

spread the fox

if anyone helps spread firefox you could win an ipod nano or a alienware firefox pc tagged $4700. check the site. -

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Unsecured wifi a no-no

In New York, Westchester county is trying to pass a law that will make unsecured wifi a crime. All businesses will have to be behind firewalls, both soft and hard, or face a penalty.

Iceberg breaks apart

sciencetist have found that a piece of an iceberg has broken off, and its the size of Maui! Not to mention they say as it hits the coasts pieces fall of that are the size of city's.

Child prodigy

A Korean boy named Song Yoo-guen has been admitted to a Korean university at the tender age of 8. He wants to invent flying cars and has a theory on how to do it interesting.

Mac to patient Mac, windows and linux pc

currently mac has applied for a patient for a mac, window and linux pc. you can choose the first and also your second. the second one might be run as a virtual machine, no word yet.

Adware related

man convicted of differnet counts of computer intrustion and money laudering, and he's only twenty.,1282,69480,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

Thursday, November 03, 2005

myspace music

first they get hacked now they want music. the best of even, hopefully they weed out all the bad ones.

magic jelly bean

this is not a crazy drug that will leave you naked and all curled up in the corner of your friends mothers room, its a way to find out your key, or anyone elses for that matter.

Firefox made a jump

some reports 11.5%, some say 14%, regardless it kicks the crap out of safari, which is by the way at 3.6. to bad so sad, i never really like macs but this is not an opinion

british teen cleared

a british teen has been cleared for sending 5 million emails to his former employer, the e bomb was not consitered a violation of the cma (computer misuse act) which was established in the 1990's.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

nbc's nightly news on the internet

this is not the news that i watch on a daily, but the idea that it will be on the net grants it a link. definatly the way to go, distro through the net, only if they could increase the quality of the news.

Firefox grows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now at 11.51% usage. a definate increase, what about the people who use it and dont report it. i remember the beta version, i have been there since then, before the 1.0 release. my browser of choice as well as the flash drive version, great for cis at chaffey, no more stupid ie explorer. what a ghetto browser.

a world with out cd players?

you think so? i dont know, people like things that they can grab, but i like the sound of it, juss cuss my thumb drive is a

tesla coil and cd

combine a tesla coil and a cd and get this out come.