Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mouse hunt

This is an interesting article on the hunt for a good mouse. So far logitech still is the company that everyone is following. I really love their mice, I have a mx 300, two 310's and a 510 on my gaming pc. Their great. On a complete side note, I was always confused why people skimp on their mouse and by a really nice mouse pad. This has got to be the dumbest thing that I have ever seen, I use the word seen because I used to work at office depot and I would see it on a daily. The mouse is one the most important hardware devices that a person uses. That's like buying a set of really used tires for your car, eventually you will be forced to buy another set with in a year. That also applies to the mouse idea, buy a roll ball mouse today for around $9, and buy another one in like six month's when it gets dirty and they think its broken. Spend the money once and get a decent mouse, and as long as your not using it as a hammer then it should last a while. But that's just me


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