Saturday, December 31, 2005

download songs from myspace

this is a way that you can download songs from myspace, a html trick of some kind

making a cat 5 cable

to most this seems like something that is not important, but its good to know.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

revolution price

set to be below $299, i hope around $199, then for sure ill get one, after a few months though.

wma on linux

you can now get windows media player on a linux box, but im thinking why would you want to do that? you want to get away from windows when you go to linux, not to mention that there are a lot better formats then wma, and the player is so weak.

the fbi is hiring

The FBI is looking for a few good IT professionals to operate and maintain a robust, secure global IT infrastructure environment for the agency.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

new windows exploit

We saw a new nasty exploit yesterday around 5:00 PM. This is a totally new exploit and is not the same one posted by FrSIRT back on 11/30/05. We have a number of sites that we have found with this exploit. Different sites download different spyware. We only had a handful of websites using this new exploit but now we are seeing many more using this to install bad stuff. These image files can be modified very easily to download any malware or virus. I hit one site with a fully patched XP system last night and it was pretty intense—it went right through and infected my machine with this happiness:

dvdfab decrypter

this is another app that allows you to make those "dvd backups" and also removes the protection. although, it mentions nothing about removing the region frommthe disc to make it universal in all players. freedom is ours!

mac runs windows

later next year macs might be able to run windows based apps on your new intel mac. this is the secret project named 'The Cupertino Project'

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Intel Unvails the 65nm Pentium D

Santa Clara (CA) - The successor of the first generation dual-core desktop processor Pentium D 800 has been in mass-production for well over three months. Today, Intel announced the flagship of the upcoming second-generation Pentium D 900, code-named Presler: The Pentium D 955 rings in the transition from a 90 to a 65 nm production process and the final stage of the aging "NetBurst" architecture. If it wasn't for the new 65 nm production process, the features of the Pentium D 955 almost could be overlooked. In the end, the new chip, formerly code-named "Presler" can be viewed as transitional microchip that simply is here bridge the time until Intel's new universal microarchitecture arrives in June or July of 2006.

New Apple products will be ODM by Quanta and Asustek

Quanta and Asustek are the main ODM notebook partners of Apple. Quanta is responsible to high level model, Power Book and Asustek is in charge of entry level model, i-Book. This working module for Intel ODM will maintain for next year. Asustek will work on the consumer type of products and Quanta will be in charge of high-level model M1.

life span gene

Genes that control the timing of organ formation during development also control timing of aging and death, and provide evidence of a biological timing mechanism for aging, Yale researchers report in the journal Science. here we go tampering with life again, this is not good

fixing a broken ipod

this a easy way to fix your broken ipod. apple would charge you $250 for the change. this goes to show that they are money hungry and target those who dont know how or dont want to do a little bit of work.

Monday, December 26, 2005

photoshop contest

this is one contest that only those who are truly skilled at photoshop see for yourself

nintendo ds

intendo's Game Boy Advance took 14 months to hit the 5 million mark in Japan, and Sony's PlayStation 2 took 17 months, the Kyoto-based company said. "Selling 5 million units in less than 14 months means DS is the fastest among any game machines ever launched in Japan to hit that level," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told a news conference. "To achieve this rapid growth, we were required not only to go after frequent game players, but to reel back people who had left games and to make video games enjoyable for those who had not played games at all," he added.

pictures of the snowflakes

here are some nice pictures of snowflakes, really detailed


Hollywood studios have been turning increasingly inward for inspiration. Megaplexes were deluged with remakes this year, with three retreads rolling out in the last nine days alone—King Kong, The Producers, and, yesterday, Fun With Dick and Jane. It caps off a year when the major studios have delivered moviegoers 14 remakes of their own films, up from just four in 2000, according to movie research firm Nielsen EDI. These have ranged from the well-known, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the obscure, like Yours, Mine and Ours, based on a 1968 Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda film. That's not counting movies poached from other countries: Dark Water starring Jennifer Connelly was based on a Japanese horror film by Hideo Nakata; the Drew Barrymore-Jimmy Fallon romantic comedy Fever Pitch was based on a Nick Hornby memoir that was turned into a film in the U.K. eight years ago. Nor does it count the abundance of TV shows that found their way onto the big screen this year, like Aeon Flux, Serenity, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Bewitched.

p2p winners and losers

this year in the p2p world there where some winners and there where some losers. some of the winners are bit torrent, limewire and piratebay (a torrent site that gets the ball rolling for down loads). on the other hand you have some real losers that include miaa, sony bmg (remember the rootkit scandel), and the sherman networks, or kazaa as most people know it by this name. for the full article click me

Sunday, December 25, 2005

vertical farming

At humankind's current rate of growth, it is estimated that by the year 2050, the planet will be host to three billion more people than it is today, making for a 40% increase over Earth's current population. Yet at present, over 80% of the planet's arable land is already in use, which leaves one to wonder how such a large number of people will be fed.

pictures from saturn

check this out

bikes and rain dont mix

this poor guy might think twice about riding his bike in the rain.

ps3 rips off controller design

It looks like a batarang, but fear not, hardy PlayStation gameplayers. The Gamepad by Alps Interactive is anything but sinister. The cool, sleek design is actually very functional, with extra-long, rubber-coated handles for a sure grip and a responsive, thumb-friendly direction pad rather than the four buttons as on the stock PSX controller. Some downsides are the closely spaced teardrop-shaped action buttons and the triggers, which seem more spread out than on the standard controller. Sill, The Gamepad is ready to help gamers kick some butt–even if it’s not in Gotham City.

google with im changes

google plans to standardize the way people instant message. since google just aquired 5% of the leading instant messenger, aol, they will plan to intigrate the two, not to mention they hired one of the leading developers from gaim, a linux based im program, sean egan. more to come

hackers now targeting mac

hackers now are targeting mac's because of some issues they have, and they where so secure, key word might be where. here is a little of the report, save you all a little time. A study recently released by Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC) Latest News about Symantec, "The Internet Get Linux or Windows Managed Hosting Services with Industry Leading Fanatical Support. Security Threat Report," indicates that attacks on Macs are likely to begin and increase in the future, as overall attacks from the Internet on private networks grow, too. "Attackers are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks in an effort to compromise the integrity of corporate and personal information," said Arthur Wong, vice president of Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec. The study showed that last year, researchers found some 37 critical vulnerabilities on the Mac operating system, for which Apple is now issuing monthly security updates. "The appearance of a rootkit called Opener in October of 2004 serves to illustrate the growth in vulnerability research on the OS X platform," the Symantec study said. "Multiple remote and local vulnerabilities have been disclosed that affect both the server Latest News about Servers and desktop versions of OS X. Vulnerabilities in the Apple windowing system and development kit and in the Apple default Apache configurations are two of the vulnerabilities ... for which Apple released patches."

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas eve

Today is Christmas eve, the day before Christmas, and every year we all run out and try to win back people by offering them a gift. I know that the gift giving is a representation of what the three wise men gave Jesus when he was born. But, the truth is they arrived some day's after the birth of Christ. Hispanic culture will know it as "Los reyes", or on Jan 6th. So really is that a true representation of the actual event? To me it seems like an excuse to spend money on gifts that are not needed. It just seems funny to me that most people will be dicks the entire year and for four weeks of the year they try to justify their actions with a gift. This is funny because they will reply,"but its Christmas." so what ever happen to generosity the rest of the year, compassion for your fellow man. Nope, only for four weeks. Lets not leave out the stupid christmas music. We as a society listen to these ridiculus songs year in and year out. Is it me or are you all tired of listening to them? I know i am. it would be different if they made up new songs but we just keep bringing back all the old ones, almost like the movie industry. Don't get me wrong , its not that I am against the whole Christmas time but what I don't like is the over emphasis on the gifts and the whole idea that for only that time you are to be nice to your fellow man. Not to say that I am a saint the entire year but I do try my best to be the best person that I can be, and not because its Christmas. Its almost like going to church on Christmas and calling yourself religious. I guess I am sick of this Americanized Christmas. You need to give the best gifts, even if you spend the next year pay for it. Go broke this holiday and see what the holiday is all about.

lego my lego

there are some really cool things that have been build wiith lego's, sometimes they evern have a talent show for the different lego creations. this one is one of my favorite, doh!

apple tech calls

here is a site that has some of the most hillarious tech calls that mac has recievec in the last years, funny


the new movie that mel gibson made, here is the trailer site, the link is to the medium trailer, due out summer of '06

sony dose not learn

a consumer just got back from the stores and said, "I just got back from the Sony Style store in the Westchester mall, (White Plains, NY) and I saw that the had many CDs in the shelves that had the XCP rootkits. I asked the manager about this and they said they were, and I quote, “still allowed to sell them”." From Sony’s website ( "2. SONY BMG is working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software from distribution and retail chains. It has asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them to SONY BMG. This withdrawal program has been and is being widely communicated." I guess it asked 3rd party retailers to return the CDs to Sony so they can sell them in their own stores? Bah humbug, Sony!

kill bill recut

"Brit movie site The Digital Spy, which I found by way of the (rather awesome) Cinematical blog, shares a brief bit of news regarding the certifiably insane Quentin Tarantino and his plans to smoosh "Kill Bill" 1 & 2 back into one (long) movie. "I want to cut the whole movie together like one big epic with an intermission in the middle like a 60s film," explained the iconic director. "It'll be coming out in theatres." "I've been holding off because I've been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I'll do the big supplementary DVD package." Tarantino said

Thursday, December 22, 2005

millennium falcon mac

check this mod out. it looks sweat, and now to do it with a pc or just buy a mini and put it into a nintendo case?

more rings around uranus

Astronomers announced today they have spied two more rings encircling Uranus, the first such discovery since the Voyager 2 spacecraft flew past the planet nearly two decades ago. The faint, dusty rings orbit outside of Uranus' previously known ring system, but within the orbits of its large moons, said Mark Showalter, an astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, who made the discovery.

floating magnet

check this video out, this magnet flaots for a good 30 sec

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The other day

Dot dot dot, so I'm watching the people next to me drink down the jeagar and redbull, and still got an eye on the drunk guy. Sitting and watching.... Some more sitting... Drink, drink and take yet another drink. So do I realize that my drink is soon over, now I'm left with no drink and my friends still have half a beer left, you see I have this tendency to drink the first few pretty fast. So I feel in my pocket and to my surprise there is nothing. I am a little shocked, cause I thought that I had more then nothing, at least I had my debt card. I didn't really want to start a tab, there in a way a convenience and at the same time a inconvenience. You don't have to pay right away but you tend to drink like you never have to pay. Then you get your statement in the mail and you noticed that one night there is a hundred dollar charge, and you try to remember but you just cant. So anyway back to my pocket, I eventually found the cash that has been with me for at least a week. I had enough for a beer and some more latter, granted that we left and went to the store to buy some alcohol. So I wait, and then my friends friend shows up, nikki is her name and we get another round. Joel, my friend, looks over at me and say "hey kick my dad down with five bucks or something." so I think to myself real quick, then I hand him four bucks, cause after all the beer is only three fifty, and that leaves him with fifty cents to tip, if infact he wants to tip. so all is well with the money situation, and we decide to leave the dive bar for the exact opposite a up scale sports bar. The thing is we had to go to joels house and drop of the stuff we had in my car. Not to mention that I wasn't going to drive to the next bar cause I was starting to feel the back teeth floating and I didn't have my glasses. If anyone knows me I cant see shit when I drive and let alone far away. So I declined to drive and nikki had to drive. So all the stuff is unloaded and we sit on the couch. "another beer?" ask's joel. "of course!" I say. Then nikki chimes out that she wants to go. So here we are a beer in our hands and the family guy comes on. What would you do being in our shoes? That's right sit there and drink that beer and watch the family guy. I thought screw the stupid sports bar and lets get faded! But my idea was scratched as soon as the first commercials rolled through. I slurped down the beer and we are off. So we roll to this place named "coaches". The standard place, lots of TV's and over priced menu. Not to mention everyone from the dweeb nation. We're walking in an I spot the guy who host "hash wensday," at the improve. joel also knows him so we say hello. Of coarse he's with yet another girl. That guy is funny. He gives us the cold shoulder and I promptly went to the bath room. By the time I return joel is sitting. So I sit and then the waitress comes over and asks us if we want something to drink. I am like, "dose the pope wear a funny hat?" she looked at me with the blankest of looks, worst then a deer in the head lights. I then look at her again and say yes, then I ask her what was on the beer list. She takes her time, cause I think she was new or something, most waitresses know the menu of beers but anyway she was totally cut. She had this list scribbled on what looked like a napkin that had been carried around for weeks. Instead of waiting for her to read me the list I quickly leaned over and scanned the torn paper and made a selection. "a skooner of red hook", I said. joel and nikki just got a snake bit. I frankly don't like those drinks, cause I hate the cider, blaaaaaah! A few seconds later and nikki ask's us if we're hungry and I answer no, we just went to the china gate. A kickass Chinese place in hacienda heights. So nikki proceeds to order some potato skins or something. I had one, I will have to say. So joel orders another snake bite and time trickles by as we sit in this hell hole, a place that prep like people will hang out, and again "my humps", and the ususal assortment of garbage that they now call music. So I am really bored by now and my beer is near empty. I am now taking my time and sipping it, cause after all I have been drinking all day and I did have to drive home that night. So now its time to pay. This is where I get pissed. My beer was ten dollars, and that's not what I was pissed about. I have had a ten dollar beer before and this was not the best but oh well. Actually my beer was $9 something, so I round to ten. anywho, nikki asks for a dollar for the tip, I think to myself: you work here and the waitress didn't do anything special so forget about a tip, so I say no. Now here it comes, "what you mean no?" I felt like telling her that the worlds smallest violin is now playing. She may or may not have understood.(for those who do not watch the resevoir dogs, is what I am now referred to) I didn't say a thing and still refused the dollar, I then get up and leave the table because I feel insulted by the fact that she wanted to leave a tip for something that was not necessary. Althought, she knew this girl that wanted to party with her that was really cute, you now, fun and the out going type. Didn't dress slutty and didn't act that way either. She just wanted to have fun, my type. But I wasn't going to sweat it, I go back to the table wondering why its taken so long to get out of the restaurant. So we finally leave and roll back to the pad, joels that is. We arrive and get situated with some more beer and chill. As we watch TV I notice a snore like sound, and to my surprise joel is a sleep. I gather my things, really a beer for the road or "road soda". I get into the ride and sit down and find my remote for the stereo, sometimes it falls between the seat and I need to dig it out, and fire up the MPH player. (I have my mp3 player hooked up to the car stereo) then we are off. I make a right at the street before Archibald. Make a left on Archibald and make my way towards the 210 freeway. As I get towards the 210 this guy passes me in a small sports car. He is driving alright at this time, I repeat at this time. We get to the entrance of the freeway and he turns right onto the freeway but forgets to stay on the road. The guy drove straight of the entrance and onto the embankment of the freeway. I made the turn but look ahead and see two lights pointing to the sky and then all of a sudden I see the car come back onto the on ramp. By this time I was at the bottom of the on ramp and the guy was behind me. I thought to myself that I better get out of there before someone who's had more to drink then me gets me killed. I was long gone and made it safely to the pad. I proceed to finish my beer and post a few more posts that I found on digg. That day was long, the story only happened after dinner and fry's, and dinner we had five beers, before we left the house we had a beer and I had already had three at the house, so we where messed up all day. :)

The other day

There I am sitting in this bar, you know one of those small dive bars you often times find yourself in. You usually go with like one or two of your friends. The bar itself is one room. There's like one bathroom and men and women share it. I often feel so sorry for the women who have to use that filth. Its almost like the bathroom in trainspotting, except the chain doesn't break. So anywho back to the bar, they have got this jukebox that I sware one plays like "my humps" (if you haven't heard it, the song is so stupid. I urge you not to listen to it, you will never be the same.), and tom petty songs. Don't get me wrong I like tom, his music is great, but when you hear the same three repeatedly throughout the night you might just want to top yourself. So anyway, we are here a the bar and I look across the entire room, which doesn't take much time, you know one quick pan and your done. Across from is the oldest dude in the place. Head between his shoulders. Old gray hair that looks as if he hasn't bathed in days, all grease and thin. Just sitting looking at the ground and talking to himself. Probably going over that moment in his life that changed everything. He relives it every night, over and over again. If only I had done it this way and if I only had one more chance, just one more.... Informs of him is a shot and lit beer. The same thing he has been doing for the last 50 years, except when he was younger he was a lot worse. He would come to the bar and blow a hundred dollars a night easy, almost everything he worked for. Cause you don't make much with minimum wage. so my friend buys the first round and where off. Of course he gets us a new castle. I say of course because its either that or your assortment of crappy domestic. You know the lite family: bud, coors, and lets not forget miller. There non-light counterparts also made an appearance at this bar. Lets now not put this little shack down now, there spirits make up for what they lack in beer quality. They have everything and people just cant get enough of those Jaeger and redbulls, they drink those for days dot dot dot

unlimited storage

hitachi is developeing a 5 tera-byte harddrive that is aimed at the general public. that is so much space.

people and mirrors

scientist discover that some people still dont know how a mirror works, see for yourself

faster typing

this is a method of typing that is said to be faster then the qwerty method, behold the dvorak keyboard

hex color chart

this is a huge hex color chart so you can use for you r blog or web site

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

find yourself on google maps

if you havent already tried it you need to get google earth, this app. lets you look at the earth. you can look at virtually anything, any country or what ever, but anyway this guy says he found himself in google earth. i dont know you have to see it to believe it

sober worm to the rescue

the sober worm actually made an arrest in germany, a pedophile turned himself in after he recieved an email from sober

google hacks

if your at work you can use google as a proxy, that way the network guys can see where you go

Monday, December 19, 2005

speed bumps that generate power

these new speed bumps can actually generate power when cars roll over it, and will be used to power traffic lights, and other things located near the bumps


ever wonder why your comp places numbers in the order above when asked to put them in numerical order? well this guy found out why and also wrote some code to "squash the bug"

10 ways to speed up windows xp

here are some easy steps to make win xp run faster. if you have had a pc fixed or built then you already have most of these tweaks done, there are a few i just learned about but anyone can apply these tweaks

pop ups onevery browser

this guy discovered that there are these pop up windows that happen on every browser, he did not include safari, and the site waits for your mouse click then it sends the pop up at you. he even isolated the java scipt that causes it to happen

pop ups onevery browser

this guy discovered that there are these pop up windows that happen on every browser, he did not include safari, and the site waits for your mouse click then it sends the pop up at you. he even isolated the java scipt that causes it to happen

Sunday, December 18, 2005

musicians against sony

the latest group to have their new cd with the drm software has called a self recall, and are replacing them with burned copies that they are making, which i guess is violation of the drm even thought its their music?

google wins

google has now acquired 5% of aol, and one-ups microsoft who wanted in on aol. Now google has moved in and will share advertising with aol, going both ways.

suck movies

these movies just plan suck. house of wax beening one of them and some movied entitled motocross: the movie. who would be dumb enough to fund that flop, i bet he hung himself

drink urine

the inventor of the segway, deam keman is drinking his own urine. thats right urine. that has been purified by the machine he invented of course. he inveted it to help third worlds with their water problems. kick ass, now someones thinking

new species of frog

these new little frogs are purple and where found in india. the new species is related to a frog found near madagascar i have a record named madagascar, on platipus. if you now it you know whats up.

water fuel

"Water will be the coal of the future," French science-fiction writer Jules Verne predicted in 1874. More than a century later in a world seeking clean alternatives to fossil fuels, Dutch and Norwegian scientists believe they can help turn Verne's dream into reality.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

photoshoped cover

this cover of this mag is totally photoshoped, you have to see for yourself

kazaa in trouble-again

This time its contempt of court for not implementing the filters on certain musicians (the list dose not have any musicians, Madonna, eminem, and some named Kyle Minogue. Musician counts as someone with musical talent. I don't see that here.) and they just removed kazaa from Australia. To me that was cool, but I think the Australians got mad cause they got cut them off

Friday, December 16, 2005


the creator of futurama, matt groening, talks about the new show's and more

askng for ur phone number

there are more and more retail groups asking for ur zip code, now there asking for your phone number. frankly i wont give it, or give a made up number, they can have a fake identity, not mine

mac and its potentials

what if mac where to buy abobe? i dont think they would develope an answer to ms office. frankly the only thing competing is open office or maybe abbeword. maybe they should go with the opensource rather then aquiring adobe. althought, money wise this would be great: photoshop, acrobat, illustrator, and also macromedia's old line(since adobe owns them now)

digg part of journalism

they interview the guys from digg, kevin rose and jay adelson, inregards to digg and its contribution to journalism

Dell shipping with firefox

That's right dell is now going to ship some PC to the UK loaded with firefox. They are testing it because they say their users are gravitating towards firefox more and more. Its about time, might be a while till we see it in the states, after all we fear change. On the other hand most people may not even notice, most of them don't know what a browser is.


this company, darpa, has created these legs that allow a human carry 100 lbs. and it only feels like 5 lbs. can we say mech suites. and people never thought japanimation never brought us anything good


According to IsraCast, an Israeli company has created materials made of inorganic fullerene-like nanostructures (IFs) which have amazing shock absorbing properties. During preliminary tests, these materials, which are five times stronger than steel, have successfully resisted to steel projectiles generating pressures as high as 250 tons per square centimeter. These materials could be incorporated in "nanoarmors" able to protect soldiers or police forces within three years.

those free-ads

ever wonder if those "get a free mac mini" ads are real. i remember that i once tried a free ipod site but never completed it. this guy really went all the way and got his mac mini, i would have sold it

no extention of the patriot act

The Senate on Friday rejected attempts to reauthorize several provisions of the USA Patriot Act as infringing too much on Americans' privacy, dealing a major defeat to President Bush and Republican leaders. In a crucial vote Friday morning as Congress raced toward adjournment, the bill's Senate supporters were not able to garner the 60 votes necessary to overcome a threatened filibuster by Sens. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and their allies. The final vote was 52-47

dell recall

Dell and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced a voluntary recall of approximately 22,000 Dell notebook computer batteries. The reason for the recall is that the batteries could overheat, which could pose a fire risk.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

amd and intel

this is a nice and easy way to explain the difference between amd and intel processor clock speed. i have always wondered and and an idea but this breaks it down so that anyone can understand

google extension

The new google firefox extension is found to have a not so nice exploit. This is to bad but its probably a beta problem and hope fully be fixed.

no fly list

better check if your on the no fly list. this lady wanted to fly with her 9 month old and was unable to cause hes on the list.

Nintendo revelation

This guy got to test the revolution and said basically that he had a blast. Was able to do things unimaginable with the standard controller


Starforce is a controversial copy-protection system. Reports about destroyed CD ROM devices, unstable or slower-running Windows systems after installing a video game (even after it was removed!), and corrupted drivers as a possible result of Starforce, have made many computer gamers wary of this copy protection technology. There are also many reports from customers that say that Starforce-protected games refuse to work at all with various DVD/CD drives and notebooks. maybe this is why i havent bought a game in a while

home security outdated

seems the homeland security is still on win 95. thats what hads been causing a back log on immagration status and such. coincidence or just a way to stop people from coming to this country permnently?

xbox 360 video

this is one of the funniest skits ive seen in a while, gosh i love the daily show and the xbox is sort of kool

government mistake?

i never thought the day would come when the government would make a mistake!?! The Pentagon has built a massive security database to help protect U.S. military bases and troops that includes unwarranted information on Iraq war opponents and peace activists in the United States. why would they need all that? and not to mention aren't we paying for it? i dont want my money thrown away on some stupid cause, oh crap it all ready has, Iraq

computer ids

Already over 20 million PCs worldwide are equipped with a tiny security chip called the Trusted Platform Module. The TPM will do something never before seen on the Internet: provide virtually fool-proof verification that you are who you say you are. The TPM chip was created by a coalition of over one hundred hardware and software companies, led by AMD, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and Sun. The chip permanently assigns a unique and permanent identifier to every computer before it leaves the factory and that identifier can’t subsequently be changed. the thing is will the pc operate without the chip, say if it where removed.

ps3 to be sold at a loss

Sony is set to lose over US $1 billion on the Playstation 3 in the year following its launch. The report indicates that Sony may be willing to sell the console at less than the production cost - said to be around 54,000 yen (almost US $500) - in an effort to gain a significant share of the market. The expected move by Sony is similar to the plan they implemented with the Playstation 2, which initially sold at a loss before making up its profits with the sale of software in following years.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

People everywhere

Please keep this circulating... You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car, and get inside. You start the engine and shift into REVERSE, You look into the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space and you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. You shift into PARK, unlock your doors, jump out of your car and walk to the rear to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view. When you reach the back of your car, that is when the carjackers appear out of no where, jump into your car and take off! Your engine was running and they practically mow you down as they speed off in your car. Guess what ladies? I bet your purse is still in the car... BE AWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THAT IS NOW BEING USED. Just drive away. Remove the paper that is stuck to your window - later. Be thankful that you read this email. I hope you will forward this to friends and family... especially to women! A purse contains all of your identification, and you certainly do NOT want someone getting your home address. They already HAVE your keys!

at the edge of the solar system

A large object has been found beyond Pluto travelling in an orbit tilted by 47 degrees to most other bodies in the solar system. Astronomers are at a loss to explain why the object's orbit is so off-kilter while being almost circular. Researchers led by Lynne Allen at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, first spotted the object in observations made with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in December 2004. Since October 2005, they have made follow-up observations that have revealed the object's perplexing path.

Kevin Rose

He will be talking about and the new design and about web sites that copy digg.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mac and win networks

this is a nice resource guide for those whom have to network macs and windows computers. its not to often that they are mixed but there may come a time.

360, bogus?

some many problems for the 360, im so glad i dont consule game much anymore, but now the 360 cant play games vertically, what can it do?


thats the amount this lady has to pay for downlaoding thirty songs! only thirty, some of us better watch out

14 corporate evildoers

On issues like war crimes, torture, toxic dumping and stifling freedom of speech, corporations like Coca Cola, Chevron and Philip Morris are way out ahead of the rest. Corporations carry out some of the most horrific human rights abuses of modern times, but it is increasingly difficult to hold them to account.

photoshop books

for all those who use photoshop there are some great ebooks on some of the tricks of the trade.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Object orbits earth

Something odd is circling our planet. It's small, perhaps only 60-ft long, and rotates once every minute or so. Amateur astronomer Bill Yeung first spotted the 16th magnitude speck of light on Sept. 3rd in the constellation Pisces. He named it J002E3.


the classaction lawsuit is totally underway and some people want to voice their opinion, and you can to. send them an email or two, because if wiki is edited by john q public then would you not sue the people incharge, the public?

facebook in their privacy statement openly says that they can share your info with whom ever and when ever, not to private to me.

the nand war

almost sounds like a missing episode of starwars or something of that nature, but is acually a war that is going on right now. not your convensional war though, its toshiba and sandisk vs. samsung. recently samsung has tha market share of the nand market, flash memory that is used in your thumb drives and mp3's, so to fight it toshiba, the actual inventer of nand memory, will increase the size of the plant and hope to up production.

No more

they are rapping up the final show on friday, four years later they are no more, oh yeah Tina is hot

IE users are more likely to click on ads

a report has come out in regards to ie users more likely to click on those annoying pop ups, and firefox users are less likely. Some say because ie users tend to be the less tech savy then the firefox users. wow that dosent say much for people who are still using IE.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


this is a fire some where and i dont where and i dont care. this is the biggest thing out of gb in the last hour.

psp vs ds

This is the funniest site that has the psp face off against the ds crazy!

through the glass

check this stuff out, its the craziest thing i ever saw

crazy christmas lightes

theses are the craziest lights i have ever seen.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I must be emo

this has got to be the funniest song about people who are teying to be emo. The real funny thing is that most people dont even know that morrisey was so emo before it was cool to be emo, in the 80's!

the minute after the post i just made microsoft has registered the name and done the oppoite that i guess someone at mozilla did or someone who really likes firefox.

Something funny happens when you type the url, you are directed to the site for the mozilla down load for firefox 1.5. its pretty cool, seeing how ie dose suck

Cant get to puberty

This man from the UK cant get to puberty, or more so his body wont let him. He has the inability to produce testosterone and there by not letting him from maturing physically.

baseball cam

there is a new invention that is the size of a baseball and has a camera inside, not to mention that it self stabilizes. really cool, can be thrown through glass and bounced off walls and no damage to the camera.

Rootkit revealer 1.6

the latest version of this "essential" software. although, i really haven't found a real use for it, still examing how to use it. not to essential in my book but i thought i would write on it.

Portable Firefox 1.5 released

portable firefox 1.5 is out now, this is the best portable browser that runs off your thumb drive and takes hardly any space. (16mb installed) i love it when i go to school cause the still use ghetto explorer and i just pop the drive in and "BAMM!" it dosent really take up to much space to remember book marks and option settings. worth a look at if your at a uc or at work and you dont have your own putter

Sober Worn algorithim cracked

The most recent varition on this worm was the recent fbi email. F-secure has cracked it and can tell what ip its making up. "Sober has been using an algorithm to create pseudorandom URLs which will change based on dates. Ninety nine percent of the URLs simply don't exist ... however, the virus author can precalculate the URL for any date, and when he wants to run something on all the infected machines, he just registers the right URL, uploads his program and BANG! It's run globally on hundreds of thousands of machines," Hyppönen wrote in his blog.

Protest and ba a terrorist

The people from Colorado that held an anti-war rally a few years back where placed on the fbi's domestic-terrorism files. They have their names and licence plate numbers of several poeple that where at the said rally. “This kind of surveillance of First Amendment activities has serious consequences. Law-abiding Americans may be reluctant to speak out when doing so means that their names will wind up in an FBI file.”

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revalution controler

this is the controller in action. way cool, first person shooter moves really fast and looks easy to use. i think nintendo has the xbox killer

only if it where true

thisis just a joke and would be cool if it where cool. but i still dont know why he would be arrested in canada if he commited in the us. funny but not logical.

model thought it was cocaine

its amazing that some one can mistake queso fresco for a cocaine stash. she then tried to hire a hit man to kill the man with the cheese and got her self arrested and going to prison. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

phone taps

ever think that you are being watched by "the man." well if you think your phone is taped or they are watching you visit this site and find out how you can stop them from doing so, or at least make it really hard for them to watch you.

giant jellyfish

this is the biggest jelly i have ever seen. but i really havent seen that many in my life time, but it is the largest that i have seen.

tranatlantic tunnel

this would be really cool, could it mean a drop in prices in the airline industry. althought, you would have to go about 5000 miles in hour fo ryou to get from new york to loundon in 45 min. not to mention it floats in the water.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

your name in space

how would you like to have your name go into space, thats right your name in space on a microchip that will be sent to an asteriod belt on the ship Dawn. daaawn da dawn dawn, hehehehehehe

self made millionare

for all those that are waiting to hear a mans name prepare for the opposite, its a women and her name is Ruth Parasol. yes you heard it here Ruth made it in phone sex, then online porn, and now gambling. she is the founder and ceo of the name has a porn type of name.sounds like a board game that involves a group of people and a poker) What can we say, she made it and she lives in a well known tax haven Gibraltor.

Google being compared to microsoft

this is really a shame cause google in my mind is the leaders against microsoft and their hold on the computer world. open source is the way to go and to stop it is much like being like microsoft. Just cause ebay is failing dose not mean its googles problem, google just might be better then the only main stream way to sell things, just giving options.

Spread Firefox

I recently joined the movement of the open sourced web browser that is the greatest thing sinced sliced bread. No but really, opinions aside I am tring to help those who are trying to help others by creating a bettter web browser. You may be aware that the the U.S. government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team is warning Web surfers to stop using Interner Explorer and switch to other browsers. According to them, the available security updates still leave too many security flaws and allow spyware and viruses to get onto a computer and even steal credit card numbers. The continuous updates for Internet Explorer are often difficult and time consuming to install on many computers. Updates for Firefox are small and infrequent and can be set to download automatically. According to, an independent security monitoring organization, Firefox currently has no outstanding security issues, out of a total of 13 security advisories in the last two years. None of these were labeled "extremely critical" and 2 were labeled "highly critical". Currently, Secunia lists 18 outstanding security issues out of 69 advisories for Internet Explorer 6.0 in the last two years, 15% of which were labeled "extremely critical" and 30%, "highly critical". If you aren't using Windows XP and haven't been able to download Service Pack 2, there are even more outstanding security issues which viruses can use to enter your network. It's no surprise The Washington Post reported, "Firefox leaves no reason to endure Internet Explorer". According to, Firefox is used for almost 20% of page views on the Internet and this is increasing by around 1.5% every month. It was downloaded 5 million times in a fortnight from and received reviews such as "The browser is an absolute joy to use — smart, fast and very user-friendly. Once you try Firefox you'll wonder why anyone uses any other web browser." from Wired Magazine. Settings can be locked on a network and proxies are easy to manage. Features such as tabbed browsing, search bar, pop-up blocking, live bookmarks, mouse gestures and very fast page downloading greatly increase the efficiency of web surfing. I invite you to read about these and other features and try out this excellent piece of software for yourself atGet Firefox!

A place where you can get unusual usb device

Check these darts out, connect to your usb, and ready, aim, fire!

Ebay 10% off next sale

Ebay is giving 10% off your next sale, Kick Ass!

a way to contact the guys at diggnation

if you have not heard of the podcast that is called diggnation, its a weekly wrap up of the story's that are dug on digg. not to mentions they are also drinkingg while filming and its quite fun to drink alongg with the guys as they wrap up the whole week and add a little comentary. you can check all the old shows on this site, but you will need bit torrent to down load, but you all have that! well any way i wanted this to be the post that gives you all the email to contact these guys, not to mention you can tell them about the beers that you like and they might try them and review them on the show.

Monday, December 05, 2005

dogs laugh

new findings say that dogs laugh, umm, people actually spent money this type of research. dont get me wrong, dogs are really smart and cool companions but who cares if they laugh. oh yeah dogs also smile, cause my dog dose, now see that didnt take a group of researchers.

old images from wwII

this are what look like some early drawings of how certain modern day weapons worked. but this was back in the early 1940's. they look really primative but you can really see how things used to work back in the days before the tech rev.

scratchless cds

they have finally came up with an idea that really should have come out yeard ago when the whole cd thing started to blow up. one of the innovation, as they called them, are tiny bumps on the botton so that the surface dose not touch what ever it is that you set it on. that is only obvious, the second is innovative cause it uses a non-scratch polymer to protect the surface. finally.

funny computer joke

we all like a good prank once and a while. but this prank wasn't the bad type but confussed a lot of people. i guess you have to read the story and determine for yourself if in fact it is funny.

xbox ;(

The 360 is either in the news for being out of stock or having major problems. This time around its the weak backwards compatibility. You would think that a system that is supposed to be so powerful would run xbox games like a champ. Not the case, but I guess that's what you get for wanting to be the first one out, no time to fix all the bugs. Especially the heat problem.


this has got to be the biggest rollercoaster in the world! it is so high, and not to mention the main drop is also a corkscrew, wicked evil.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


we all know there are people out there that buy stuff cheap and ebay it, but should they have to claim it or is it un-taxable? so far it seems so, but this is not the end of it.

apple again

this time its about firefox and the runing on a g4!


this really has nothing to do with apple but there are 5% of the people still using win 98!!! wow!!! i did not really think that many people where in the dark ages!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


For those of you that are from the old skool, do you ever get the itch to play old skool games. That in fact, are for a console that you probably sold in a yard sale for dirt cheap, and are now kicking ones self for doing such a horrible thing. Well if you need to scratch such an itch then head to and check out the large library of working roms and emulators of nes and snes. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, then let me briefly explain. An emulator is a program that dose just that, it emulates the real thing with out being the real thing. So, a Nes emulator is exactly what an nes is but with out the controller(unless you have a computer version in fact you can purchase at radioshack), and the cartridge and the system. Then all you need is the rom, or the file that is the game. Once you have the two you can then combine them like a decoder ring and play the intended rom. Now that you know go and find those lost memory's

windows anti-spyware

from the review of the non beta version of microsofts attempt to get into the anti-spyware game, seeing how most of the spyware is intended for ie, and it looks and works a lot like nortons system works. which infact dose not work, primarily on the bases that all the processes it runs is something that can be done manually and if done regularly it wont take so long.

filmin' in the boys room

In jasper county, just by the name of the county you can already tell its a back water town, the principle of a middle school is currently video taping the boys restroom. His reason for filming is to catch boys who vandalize, so he says... Or is really an excuse for him to film little boys and their private parts for the fulfillment of his sick fetish for little boys!?! (yes, I might be way out on a limb here, you know not knowing the parties at hand and all) so anyway, the young man removed the camera from the bathroom and was then suspended for it. He and his friends removed the camera because they all thought it was invasion of privacy. Um? To me that sounds like a reasonable reason for the removal of the camera, this young man should be rewarded! But instead he is punished, let us punish the free thinkers, the American way

podcast hijacking

erik marcus was running podcasts inregards to vegen foods and was one day his rss link was hijacked by another company. now his listeners could not hear his podcasts. now they want him to pay for it to be changed back. also yahoo was the the means to distributing the podcasts. they did nothing to help him, the yahoo app. is in beta.

firefox bug on g5

if you own a mac g5 and you use firefox as a browser, you run into the problem of almost 100% cpu usage when you hold the mouse button down and continue to hold it, the cpu usage will continue untill you let up on the button. (ok? why would you hold down the mouse button and continue to hold it down , unless you are cutting and pasting but other then that when hold the button down. althought, the macs have that stupid one button mouse.) apperently its been there since the begining and is linked back to the Carbon framework, which is used by the fox and also flock.

firefox hack

this is a hack to be able to run those extentions that wont run with the jump to 1.5. (if you are using firefox i hope that you have updated.