Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas eve

Today is Christmas eve, the day before Christmas, and every year we all run out and try to win back people by offering them a gift. I know that the gift giving is a representation of what the three wise men gave Jesus when he was born. But, the truth is they arrived some day's after the birth of Christ. Hispanic culture will know it as "Los reyes", or on Jan 6th. So really is that a true representation of the actual event? To me it seems like an excuse to spend money on gifts that are not needed. It just seems funny to me that most people will be dicks the entire year and for four weeks of the year they try to justify their actions with a gift. This is funny because they will reply,"but its Christmas." so what ever happen to generosity the rest of the year, compassion for your fellow man. Nope, only for four weeks. Lets not leave out the stupid christmas music. We as a society listen to these ridiculus songs year in and year out. Is it me or are you all tired of listening to them? I know i am. it would be different if they made up new songs but we just keep bringing back all the old ones, almost like the movie industry. Don't get me wrong , its not that I am against the whole Christmas time but what I don't like is the over emphasis on the gifts and the whole idea that for only that time you are to be nice to your fellow man. Not to say that I am a saint the entire year but I do try my best to be the best person that I can be, and not because its Christmas. Its almost like going to church on Christmas and calling yourself religious. I guess I am sick of this Americanized Christmas. You need to give the best gifts, even if you spend the next year pay for it. Go broke this holiday and see what the holiday is all about.


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