Thursday, December 01, 2005

filmin' in the boys room

In jasper county, just by the name of the county you can already tell its a back water town, the principle of a middle school is currently video taping the boys restroom. His reason for filming is to catch boys who vandalize, so he says... Or is really an excuse for him to film little boys and their private parts for the fulfillment of his sick fetish for little boys!?! (yes, I might be way out on a limb here, you know not knowing the parties at hand and all) so anyway, the young man removed the camera from the bathroom and was then suspended for it. He and his friends removed the camera because they all thought it was invasion of privacy. Um? To me that sounds like a reasonable reason for the removal of the camera, this young man should be rewarded! But instead he is punished, let us punish the free thinkers, the American way


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