Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Intel Unvails the 65nm Pentium D

Santa Clara (CA) - The successor of the first generation dual-core desktop processor Pentium D 800 has been in mass-production for well over three months. Today, Intel announced the flagship of the upcoming second-generation Pentium D 900, code-named Presler: The Pentium D 955 rings in the transition from a 90 to a 65 nm production process and the final stage of the aging "NetBurst" architecture. If it wasn't for the new 65 nm production process, the features of the Pentium D 955 almost could be overlooked. In the end, the new chip, formerly code-named "Presler" can be viewed as transitional microchip that simply is here bridge the time until Intel's new universal microarchitecture arrives in June or July of 2006.


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