Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The other day

There I am sitting in this bar, you know one of those small dive bars you often times find yourself in. You usually go with like one or two of your friends. The bar itself is one room. There's like one bathroom and men and women share it. I often feel so sorry for the women who have to use that filth. Its almost like the bathroom in trainspotting, except the chain doesn't break. So anywho back to the bar, they have got this jukebox that I sware one plays like "my humps" (if you haven't heard it, the song is so stupid. I urge you not to listen to it, you will never be the same.), and tom petty songs. Don't get me wrong I like tom, his music is great, but when you hear the same three repeatedly throughout the night you might just want to top yourself. So anyway, we are here a the bar and I look across the entire room, which doesn't take much time, you know one quick pan and your done. Across from is the oldest dude in the place. Head between his shoulders. Old gray hair that looks as if he hasn't bathed in days, all grease and thin. Just sitting looking at the ground and talking to himself. Probably going over that moment in his life that changed everything. He relives it every night, over and over again. If only I had done it this way and if I only had one more chance, just one more.... Informs of him is a shot and lit beer. The same thing he has been doing for the last 50 years, except when he was younger he was a lot worse. He would come to the bar and blow a hundred dollars a night easy, almost everything he worked for. Cause you don't make much with minimum wage. so my friend buys the first round and where off. Of course he gets us a new castle. I say of course because its either that or your assortment of crappy domestic. You know the lite family: bud, coors, and lets not forget miller. There non-light counterparts also made an appearance at this bar. Lets now not put this little shack down now, there spirits make up for what they lack in beer quality. They have everything and people just cant get enough of those Jaeger and redbulls, they drink those for days dot dot dot


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