Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The other day

Dot dot dot, so I'm watching the people next to me drink down the jeagar and redbull, and still got an eye on the drunk guy. Sitting and watching.... Some more sitting... Drink, drink and take yet another drink. So do I realize that my drink is soon over, now I'm left with no drink and my friends still have half a beer left, you see I have this tendency to drink the first few pretty fast. So I feel in my pocket and to my surprise there is nothing. I am a little shocked, cause I thought that I had more then nothing, at least I had my debt card. I didn't really want to start a tab, there in a way a convenience and at the same time a inconvenience. You don't have to pay right away but you tend to drink like you never have to pay. Then you get your statement in the mail and you noticed that one night there is a hundred dollar charge, and you try to remember but you just cant. So anyway back to my pocket, I eventually found the cash that has been with me for at least a week. I had enough for a beer and some more latter, granted that we left and went to the store to buy some alcohol. So I wait, and then my friends friend shows up, nikki is her name and we get another round. Joel, my friend, looks over at me and say "hey kick my dad down with five bucks or something." so I think to myself real quick, then I hand him four bucks, cause after all the beer is only three fifty, and that leaves him with fifty cents to tip, if infact he wants to tip. so all is well with the money situation, and we decide to leave the dive bar for the exact opposite a up scale sports bar. The thing is we had to go to joels house and drop of the stuff we had in my car. Not to mention that I wasn't going to drive to the next bar cause I was starting to feel the back teeth floating and I didn't have my glasses. If anyone knows me I cant see shit when I drive and let alone far away. So I declined to drive and nikki had to drive. So all the stuff is unloaded and we sit on the couch. "another beer?" ask's joel. "of course!" I say. Then nikki chimes out that she wants to go. So here we are a beer in our hands and the family guy comes on. What would you do being in our shoes? That's right sit there and drink that beer and watch the family guy. I thought screw the stupid sports bar and lets get faded! But my idea was scratched as soon as the first commercials rolled through. I slurped down the beer and we are off. So we roll to this place named "coaches". The standard place, lots of TV's and over priced menu. Not to mention everyone from the dweeb nation. We're walking in an I spot the guy who host "hash wensday," at the improve. joel also knows him so we say hello. Of coarse he's with yet another girl. That guy is funny. He gives us the cold shoulder and I promptly went to the bath room. By the time I return joel is sitting. So I sit and then the waitress comes over and asks us if we want something to drink. I am like, "dose the pope wear a funny hat?" she looked at me with the blankest of looks, worst then a deer in the head lights. I then look at her again and say yes, then I ask her what was on the beer list. She takes her time, cause I think she was new or something, most waitresses know the menu of beers but anyway she was totally cut. She had this list scribbled on what looked like a napkin that had been carried around for weeks. Instead of waiting for her to read me the list I quickly leaned over and scanned the torn paper and made a selection. "a skooner of red hook", I said. joel and nikki just got a snake bit. I frankly don't like those drinks, cause I hate the cider, blaaaaaah! A few seconds later and nikki ask's us if we're hungry and I answer no, we just went to the china gate. A kickass Chinese place in hacienda heights. So nikki proceeds to order some potato skins or something. I had one, I will have to say. So joel orders another snake bite and time trickles by as we sit in this hell hole, a place that prep like people will hang out, and again "my humps", and the ususal assortment of garbage that they now call music. So I am really bored by now and my beer is near empty. I am now taking my time and sipping it, cause after all I have been drinking all day and I did have to drive home that night. So now its time to pay. This is where I get pissed. My beer was ten dollars, and that's not what I was pissed about. I have had a ten dollar beer before and this was not the best but oh well. Actually my beer was $9 something, so I round to ten. anywho, nikki asks for a dollar for the tip, I think to myself: you work here and the waitress didn't do anything special so forget about a tip, so I say no. Now here it comes, "what you mean no?" I felt like telling her that the worlds smallest violin is now playing. She may or may not have understood.(for those who do not watch the resevoir dogs, is what I am now referred to) I didn't say a thing and still refused the dollar, I then get up and leave the table because I feel insulted by the fact that she wanted to leave a tip for something that was not necessary. Althought, she knew this girl that wanted to party with her that was really cute, you now, fun and the out going type. Didn't dress slutty and didn't act that way either. She just wanted to have fun, my type. But I wasn't going to sweat it, I go back to the table wondering why its taken so long to get out of the restaurant. So we finally leave and roll back to the pad, joels that is. We arrive and get situated with some more beer and chill. As we watch TV I notice a snore like sound, and to my surprise joel is a sleep. I gather my things, really a beer for the road or "road soda". I get into the ride and sit down and find my remote for the stereo, sometimes it falls between the seat and I need to dig it out, and fire up the MPH player. (I have my mp3 player hooked up to the car stereo) then we are off. I make a right at the street before Archibald. Make a left on Archibald and make my way towards the 210 freeway. As I get towards the 210 this guy passes me in a small sports car. He is driving alright at this time, I repeat at this time. We get to the entrance of the freeway and he turns right onto the freeway but forgets to stay on the road. The guy drove straight of the entrance and onto the embankment of the freeway. I made the turn but look ahead and see two lights pointing to the sky and then all of a sudden I see the car come back onto the on ramp. By this time I was at the bottom of the on ramp and the guy was behind me. I thought to myself that I better get out of there before someone who's had more to drink then me gets me killed. I was long gone and made it safely to the pad. I proceed to finish my beer and post a few more posts that I found on digg. That day was long, the story only happened after dinner and fry's, and dinner we had five beers, before we left the house we had a beer and I had already had three at the house, so we where messed up all day. :)


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