Tuesday, January 31, 2006

winamp upgrade needed

Winamp users need to upgrade to version 5.13 immediately, as the previous version 5.12 release contains a critical security exploit that can allow for remote execution of arbitrary code. The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error during the handling of filenames including a computer name. This can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow via a specially crafted playlist containing a filename starting with an overly long computer name (about 1040 bytes).


this is the possible name for the new google os. Essentially it is a moded version of ubuntu. which i may add is the way of the future of linux. granted you have to learn a little command lines but i have been running breezy bager for about a month and i can play my mp3's, have two different torrent apps, frostwire(limewire like program), firefox 1.5 w/ all the plugins, and it is really stable. With the app automatix it helps with the finding and the loading of most of the apps listed above (i installed firefox 1.5 myself) and the video and audio codecs. the only thing i have not been able to do is to view some xml on certain web sites. what i mean is that i can view it on a pc. not to mention all the drives that i have that are formatted for win can be read by it. so essentially i have a dual booting laptop, but i have allocated more space for linux, and left about 10 gbs for windows. the reason for that was because i downloaded this program that helps a windows os view a linux file system and format. so with that i can still access that part of the hard drive and store and recall the info. i do notice that when i do the ubuntu start up lags the next time i try to start it up, it just checks for disk error. anywho, what i am getting at is that when the working version of goobuntu comes out it can be a nice substitute for windows , not to mention that if the person is a new user then they will not have to unlearn anything and start fresh. the most important aspect is that it is free. on another note google also released a newer version of the google toolbar and google bookmarks. you just have to visit the google page.

microsoft helping?

'Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, demonstrated a mockup of his proposed cellular PC at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, and he mentioned it as a cheaper alternative to traditional PCs and laptops during a public discussion here at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.' this is m$(microsoft)way to help out the third world countries, a low cost alternative to the $100 laptop. you will need a keyboard and a tv.

biometric hack

Dutch TV programme Nieuwslicht (Newslight) is claiming that the security of the Dutch biometric passport has already been cracked. the passport was read remotely and then the security cracked using flaws built into the system, whereupon all of the biometric data could be read.

Monday, January 30, 2006

nice mods

these are some of the nicest mods to a laptop that i have ever seen. they are more like air brushed, but they definatly did not come this way. would be nice to have the time to do such work. not to mention the downtime of not having the laptop, i use mine everyday so that would be next to impossible for me to give up my baby, i just put stickers on her so shes not nakes ;-)

feds want back door

Thinks the federal government is too intrusive? You ain't seen nothing yet. An FCC mandate will require that all hardware and software have a wiretap backdoor that allows the government to tap into all your communications.

usb wristband

this the wristband usb drive that imation is making, kindda cool the only thing i wonder if its water proof? will it come in different sizes? i would get one as long as they aren't to pricey and if they are to big.

amd and wmf

We're not sure what's going on in here, but there's something wrong at AMD's user discussion forum, located at forums[dot]amd[dot]com. If you visit the site (and please don't visit it right now), you get a WMF exploit sent to you right from the front page. (i will not provide the link to keep infection down)

nyxem-e virus

The Nyxem-E Windows virus first emerged on 16 January and has been steadily racking up victims ever since. Nyxem-E is also known as the Blackmal, MyWife, Kama Sutra, Grew and CME-24 virus. PC users have been urged to scan their computers before 3 February to avoid falling victim to a destructive virus. On that date the Nyxem virus is set to delete Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Acrobat files on infected machines. the virus is aquired by opening an email that is related to a porn download .

ameriprise mistake

the other day an employee of ameriprise, a spin off of american express, had his car broken into and the laptop that he used for work was stolen. one would think that the company would not be worried about the info that was on the laptop, i mean it should be encrypted right? well, it turns out that all he had was a user password and the info was unencrypted. so now the information of some 230,000 people is floating around some where in the us, and all they can say that the likelihood of the individual who stole the said laptop would not know what the info is. well lets think a minute here, if you are able to get in the laptop, safemode would be my first choice because most people do not set an admin password, and did find the file with all the info in it, i think if i just glanced at it and be able to tell that the file contained the persons name, social, address and even in some cases the account number. uhm, if the individual stole the laptop by breaking in the car why would he not use the stole numbers to try and by something online or apply for other cards with the peoples info. this company is not the sharpest tool in the tool shed. to make a long story short they started to contact the people last saturday and the employee was fired.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

tailor made web radio

this site lets you select an artist and then it sets up a web radio like player that cues up the artist that you where looking for and related works by other artists. the best part about it is that its free. definitely worth checking out.

finger reader

Today, Fortune has a piece on plans by retail giants, Costco, Target, and Wal-Mart to move to fingerprint biometric technology as a way of cutting down on fraud and to expedite check-out line time. Sounds good, but it turns out that a simple “finger” molded from Play-Doh can foil 90% of these systems.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

matrix ping pong

you may have or may not have seen this but its funny, link to google video

mac os vunerable

'The only thing which has kept Mac OS X relatively safe up until now is the fact that the market share is significantly lower than that of Microsoft Windows or the more common UNIX platforms.… If this situation was to change, in my opinion, things could be a lot worse on Mac OS X than they currently are on other operating systems, regarding security vulnerabilities' is just a little of what Neil Archibald inregards to the number macs being sold lately. you can read more here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this one works

i recently posted that you can use google as a proxy. well i tried it and it works to a certain degree, but it also dose not get you all the content. the post before that was also on a proxy that might work. well i tried it at school which is secure(to a certain extent, i heard that the password last year was pencil) and i got redirected to the microsoft site. well i did come across this free proxy and it actually works. it also gets all the content from the restricted site. *update* so sorry it seems that this proxy is not working anymore, and i thoght it was just that chaffey college admins found out about it. but it dose not work at my home either. i guess i gave them to much credit. for some more proxy servers just go to google or even digg and search for proxy's.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

google as a proxy

you can actually use google as a proxy. similar to the last post you can get around those blocks. here is an example that you would need to type in the url: http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=en|en&u=www.forbiddensite.com (www.forbiddensite.com stands for the URL you need to go to...)

get around your network ip

this is a site that allows you to view those sites that your work, school and others dont want you to see.use it wisely cause the minute the ip sees the traffic towards that site the gig may be up

amazing video

this is a must see video of an underwater explosion, it is amazing

tour of google

this is a nice tour of the google campus. i totally see why they call it a campus. i often have been inspired the best in a school like setting.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

the top 100

this is a top 100 hundred of many kinds. population, growth, income. you name it its been documented and put into a top 100 format

martin sargent and no screensavers

these are the four reasons why martin sargent can not host the screensavers.

malicious myspace code

There is now malicious code going around on the popular website Myspace due to a javascript hole. The code places HTML into the "Books" section of a users page, so that when it is viewed, the page redirects to a site in New York. To get rid of the code, simply: Log in. Go to "Safe Mode". Go to "Books". Delete all the code you dont want. Tell all your friends.

new worm

from the site the technews.net:
Experts at SophosLabs, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis centers, have warned users to be wary of unsolicited emails claiming to contain obscene pictures and sex movies. The W32/Nyxem-D worm (also known as Email-Worm.Win32.VB.bi or W32.Blackmal.E@mm) can spread via email using a variety of pornographic disguises, in an attempt to disable security software. If launched it tries to disable a number of anti-virus and firewall products, and attempts to harvest other email addresses from the infected computer, in an effort to spread itself further.

click fraud

everyone has seen the ads that google places on my blog and many other sites, well they are now targets of online bots and people in china and indonesia to click on the ad links to generate money.

8 biggest spies

Amidst recent events, alot of talk has been going on lately about the issue of privacy, particularly in regard to the advancement of technology. With all the new technological achievements of late its getting easier and easier for the government and ‘big business’ to know everything there is to know about you.

Friday, January 20, 2006

chinese hacks attack the uk

Last year, parliament nearly fell victim to a sophisticated hacking fraud. Experts are convinced that such attacks have the support of Chinese authorities. The hi-tech industrial espionage involved a series of innocuous-looking emails targeted at secretaries, researchers, parliamentary staff and even MPs. Each one was specifically tailored to the individual who would receive it.


this is a blanket with sleeves on it, perfect for lpaying video games and useing your hands when its cold. its made of fleece so you know its warm.


Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis is the world's first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London's Hyde Park.

women can see again

A woman who had been blind for 25 years awoke in hospital after suffering a heart attack and found that she could see again. Since 1979, Joyce Urch had lived in a world of shadows and near-darkness, but was astonished to find her sight restored when she came round after being resuscitated.

google tips

this site has some of the best ways to use google search engine. some are very basic and the site also covers some advanced tips. very easy to read and informative. a definite way to help you minimize the amount of hits, for a more precise search results. a must see.

802.11n is official

The IEEE Task Group "N" voted to confirm the proposal for the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. Submitted by the Joint Proposal team, this specification was developed by the Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) and included several elements developed within the Joint Proposal team. The EWC members are: ADT Corp., Advantest, AirLink101, Airoha, Allion, Amit, Ample Communications, Apple, ASUSTeK Computer, Inc., Atheros, Azimuth Systems, BeWAN Systems, Broadcom, Buffalo, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., COMSIS, Conexant, CyberTAN, D-Link, Esqube, Gateway, Gemtek, HED, Intel Corporation, Lenovo, Lesswire AG, Linksys, Litepoint, Marvell, MediaTek, Inc., Metalink, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, NETGEAR, NewLogic, NVIDIA, PMC-Sierra, Ralink, Realtek, Sanyo, Sercomm, SiBEAM, Inc., Signalion, Sony Corporation, Sporton, Stellaris Networks, STMicroelectronics, Symbol, Tamosoft, Toshiba, Twinhead, US Robotics, VeriWave, WildPackets, Winbond, Wipro Technologies, Wistron NeWeb, and ZyDas.

google and sun again

ever wonder what type of opperating system google uses to run their systems? i to have wondered what it would take to run such a large system of information; and not to mention the amount of traffic it gets on a daily bases. well the answer to the questionis their own. sun has helped them develope an os for their system. maybe that is why google wants to develope an os. google probably figures if it can run our system then why not a home pc?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

cops interfere with donuts

It turns out the officers' in-car computers interfere with Dunkin' Donuts computer system. Police using the drive-through have to disconnect their computer modems to avoid clashing with the restaurants' system. That's not the only problem with the city's police computer system, says Sergeant Eliezer Rivera. Rivera says the network is spotty and only as fast as a dial-up connection. is there anything that the cops can do right?

iceland gas free, almost

iceland is the first country to try to completely abandon the use of gasline. they are using the molten lava and water to provide heat and hot water, and also starting to use hydrogen fuel.

google vs bush administration

the bush administration has asked a federal judge to order google to open up their database so that they can track the number of searches that come up with porn links. ok, this sounds a little funny, first illegal phone taps and now a probe into the searching habbits of the people who use the worlds most used search engines. Justice Department lawyers filed papers in federal court in San Jose, California, revealing that the internet search firm had failed to comply with a subpeona for records in the case.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Geocaching puts authorities on edge

In a game of global positioning called geocaching, the lowly treasure hunt has gone high-tech -- but it can also be a game of risk when terrorism-sensitive authorities find the goods first. Scot Tintsman found that out when he stashed a green bucket under an Idaho highway bridge last September, intending to fill it with goodies for other players to find using Global Positioning System units. Rounding a corner on his motorcycle to finish rigging his cache, he was greeted by a barricade of police cars and a bomb squad. this is what our taxes pay for. money well spent

icon password

ever wonder how secure your password is? people say that if you use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols is the best type of password, i almost forgot that you should use at least a minimum of six characters. you might also be thinking that you might not want to remember symbols and numbers, i can agree. there are already to many types of passwords for many different things such as your pin, email, log on, and many more. that might be the reason that most people use the same password for pretty much everything. not anymore. there is this software application that uses symbols instead of characters, now you just have to remember the symbols, but that means you cant let anyone see the symbols. im going to give it a try and see if it actually worth using.

student books

this web site is all about selling college books for less. the name of the site is madbook. how does it work you may ask? Search results are based on the contribution of all of our users. When someone lists a book, the course information becomes available for everyone to see. This social-networking type approach results in some of the lowest textbook prices on the internet!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

48 google videos

these are some of the best way to waste time. there 48 of the best google videos that are out right now. they range from the proper way to eat sushi in japan, a few japanese game shows and some other entertaining videos

sp3 pushed back

last year microsoft had said that sp3 would be be released before the release of windows vista. now reports of the release date of sp3 will be pushed back until mid 2007. thats almost a half a year after the release of vista, thats if vista is released at the time microsoft say's it will be ready. Now home users, admins and OEMs who deploy XP have to download a lot of fixes when a new PC is installed. admins can slipstream the fixes but it is a hassle. A SP is very convenient in that way. No wonder techies build there own SP's and release the to the web. Waiting 3 years for a SP is too long!

so sorry

it seems the link to the shootgun rules is down and you are actually redirected to another site. even if you where to go through and view the link to my diggs, where i got the story from, you will be redirected to the wrong site. i should have gotten a copy of the rules and just posted them myself. once again i am sorry for any inconvience. what i can tell you this if you touch the door handle before you call shootgun, you forfit your ability to sit shooty, also you need to be outside near the car before calling shootgun, or you forfit the rights. the only other one i remember was that the driver can override any of the rules, because after all it is his/her car.

Monday, January 16, 2006

lsd: the state of knowing

When Kevin Herbert has a particularly intractable programming problem, or finds himself pondering a big career decision, he deploys a powerful mind expanding tool, LSD-25. "When I'm on LSD and hearing something that's pure rhythm, it takes me to another world and into anther brain state where I've stopped thinking and started knowing," said Herbert who intervened to ban drug testing of technologists at Cisco Systems.

intel mac vs. power pc mac

this video clearly shows why macs previously where slower computers. the time it took it to boot up was slower then the new intel based pc but as well as any respectable install of win xp. my laptop starts up faster to windows even though you have to tell it to boot to windows, i dual boot to ubuntu. so clearly shows that macs software is better written and windows is not, because now they are on the same platform.

The wrist watch

Some may say that the wrist watch is going the way of the grandfather clock, and kids are now turning to the cell phone and their ipod, assuming they have one cause we know how everyone needs an ipod. I would have to disagree. Not everyone can afford a cell phone and/or a ipod. The article that I read should have not concentrated on what the children of this country are using because after all the parents have to buy the product for them and they get what the parents give them. Not to mention say that you are swimming and you need to keep the time. cellphones and ipods are not water proof, or even all weather for that matter. Although I should keep mouth shut they might buy yet another ipod for people to buy, the water proof ipod. In practical thinking the wrist watch can still live on, it just needs some revamping. With nano technology and wireless applications, you could integrate all three products and have only on thing to carry around. At that point you can use existing technology for making the mp3-watch-cellphone water proof. What I really want to say is that we should not get a head of ourselves.

XP home support till 2008

I had reported earlier that the support for win XP home would end at the end of 2006 but the support will continue till the end of 2008. Its not like they can just forget about one of the most sold operating systems that they have. It is not the best but it was probably sold more then pro, reason I say that it might is because almost every retailer has PC's that come pre-loaded with home. At least 95% of all PC sales include home when you go buy a at places like office depot and best buy. Microsoft would be dumb to just drop it like a bad habit, not to mention that all the people who own those PC don't know how to use the PC. They would be a liability to the entire internet community. We would at least a couple hundred vulnerable PC out there, not good in my opinion.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

shotgun rules

we hav rules for all sort of games we play. ever have the propblem when either you where a kid or with a group of friends and everyone is fighting for the front seat or shotgun position? now there is an official shotgun rules, and its all thanks to Ray Ray Angel. yeah i said it, Ray Ray Angel. i know that sounds really gay but Ray Ray has got some good rules. Ray Ray even lets you download the rules so tha you can print them out and place them in the car yourself, availible in both a word version and a pdf version. Ray Ray, so sorry i just like the sound of that.

outlook flaw

The TNEF vulnerability, which Microsoft spelled out in the MS06-003 security bulletin, is a flaw in how Microsoft's Outlook client and older versions of its Exchange server software decode the TNEF MIME attachment. TNEF is used by Exchange and Outlook when sending and processing messages formatted as Rich Text Format (RTF), one of the formatting choices available to Outlook users. Microsoft noted the severity of the bug by tagging it with its highest warning label, "Critical," and by providing a patch for Exchange 5.0 and 5.5, obsolete versions whose support technically ended Dec. 31, 2005. The newest server software, Exchange Server 2003, is immune to the bug, although current editions of Outlook, including Outlook 2003, are not. that to me is one more reason not to use outlook and switch over to a client that is much more secure, thunderbird.

symantec again

this time symantec is making false accusations that one of spybot's components causes problems with norton ghost, and advised users of spybot to remove the anti-spyware application. symantec has yet to remove spybot from its list because of its "existing incompatibilities." for the full story visit spybot

green glow

Scientists in Taiwan say they have bred three pigs that glow in the dark. The pigs are transgenic, created by adding genetic material from jellyfish into a normal pig embryo. the scientist hope that this will help their stem cell research, and also aid in the study of human disease.

sprint wont give it up

The other day the cochran family had their family suv hi-jacked, with their young son still in the carseat! what the carjacker did not know was that the fathers cell phone was also left in the car. the sprint phone that belongs to mr.cochran is equipped with a gps tracking system, and so the local authorities and the cochran family attempted to locate the vehicle by using the cell phone, but to their surprise sprint would not reveal the location of the vehicle. the only way they would do it was by either filling out some forms or to pay a $25 fee for the service. sprint also went as far as to tell them that they new the where abouts of the vehicle but until the fee was paid they would not reveal the location. a passer by saw the suv abandoned a mile away.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


when one remembers back to the end of the second world war we remeber the germans and the bombs that where droped on the poor japanese public. to see the explosion at the time would have been a real trip, even to see the bomb it self go off in a cloud of smoke that touched the heavens with its darkness, in the form of a mushroom. to feel the magnitude of its impact, to see all crumble before you. then its over. to see it is to believe it

symantec installs a rootkit

symantec admits that it planted a root kit in system works inorder to keep a user from deleted a system file. they later realized that they may have made a wrong decision. that leaves the system open to possible attacks that could then install malware of all sorts. upon finding this out i have come to the conclusion that symantec might not be the best solution for your every security need. dont get me wrong, i have it installed on my laptop and my family's pc, but on every other pc i have i am running zone alarm and node32. its just that all the people that have used system works they stop using it after a year or untill the subscription runs out. (some people run 2002 because it still works and it dose not require registration) they come to the realization that system works dose nothing for their system. infact i have seen it corrupt more systems then it had helped. not to mention i have also found that on those systems that i run other applications other then symantec products i have fewer process running (20 total) and my boot time is 39 sec. this is on a system that is only a p3 486 with 320 mb of ram and a 64 mb graphics card (which i use as an internet box,as well as my blog tool. i actually like it better then the celeron d and sempron). the only application that i used to get the boot time so low was bootvis and the normal windows tweaks, the standard services; swap filing and a few regedits. but other then that the system is pretty standard. it boots faster then the new computers that anyone can buy at any retailer, and this system was build so many years back (i have four infact with the similar set up and even with less ram. email me if you live near and i can help you with the revamping of an old system for the kids or just to have an extra pc in the house). which also goes to show that you do not have to buy a computer every year; people like microsoft, hp compaq, lenvo, and even mac make you believe that you should. i realize that computers or the operating sytem is their business but dose that really intitle them to force you to upgrade? i guess i got a little of track with the subject and anywho back to symantec, i dont think that i will be using them in the next year for my laptop and i might suggest the same to my family. the only thing there is that the computer is theirs and i can only suggest, they might like the security of symantec, and the amount of process it has to run to stay a float.

Email that drops you

2,500 students of The University of Alabama where sent an email that they had been dropped. They collectively freaked out.

free year of pcworld

lenvo is offering a year of pc world in return for signing up for their monthly email. i sent it to an email that i use very infrequently and that way if i dont want to be bothered by it i can ignore it. the good thing is that they dont ask for any real personal information, except your mailing address. click me

The google pack

The latest from google seems to getting rag reviews after its release the other day. Industry observers are saying that it is underwhelming, and that they are now confused on where google might be going in the future. Although, after reviewing the software, I found it not to be of any benefit to me, or for those that already monitor their systems a little bit more carefully then the average user might. The idea is there but like James Governor mentioned in an article inregards to the google pack, their application selection was not that great. The selection of real player was a mistake. Going with a more popular media player might have been nice; winamp would have been my selection. I also would have used zonealarm as the firewall application and antivir personal edition as the antivirus app. You could have a set up for when you start to market your os. You will have it developed and ready with an improved updater (mainly the interface, its not that good looking), that can update a nice selection of open source software. this release is a good start in the possible right direction. Lets see if they rethink their selection of apps. and smooth out the interface. After all that's why they call it beta.


This new table saw stops before it cuts your finger completely off, they even go as far as to demo with a hot dog. The hot dog is cut, but it is minor compared to the damage the saw would have normally done.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ebaum attacks

For the last 36-48 hours, ebaumsworld.com has been the victim of a global cyber-terrorism attack allegedly conducted by an alliance of webmasters and their followers who disagree with the company's editorial process.

download only

the microsoft patch for the wmf exploit is apperently a download only patch and installs itself, then it request a restart. According to Microsoft's documentation for Automatic Update, that shouldn't happen to an Administrative user. If you are an administrator for your computer, you can delay the restart; otherwise, Windows warns you and then restarts your computer for you. Make sure you save your work and remind other users to save their work, especially before scheduled installation times.

amd and intel

a chart that shows the difference between the intel dualcore and the amd dualcore. very interesting, it seems that amds architecture is the better of the two, no real bottle neck. and full memory clock speed. now your only limit is you pocket book, if you could buy all the best components coupled with the amd fx-60 (you know, sata hard drives, at least 2 gb of ram, dual sli nvidia fx 6800, sound blaster surround sound card, dvi 21 inch lsd and maybe windows vista.)

use gmail as mp3 storage

if you are on the road a lot but have access to the net, you can now use gmail as a place to store and play your mp3! the application named Gookbox allows you to do just that. now imagine if you have like four or five different gmail accounts, your storage would be pretty large, and you can sort your music by genre or just special mixes that you have. so now you dont have to worry about making sure you have all the songs that you might want to listen to while out on the road.

google predictions

one of the many media types that attended the google keynote speech speculate that in the coming year google will release a web based office suite and also an os, operating system. i wish i could have been there, maybe a goal for the next year. anywho this is a little of the article, if you want to read the rest you can go here. Posted Jan 7, 2006, 8:49 PM ET by Jason McCabe Calacanis "Now, I don't think Google will make a PC. I think Google will: a. launch calendar and office suite in the next six months. b. by the end of the year they will come out with a Linux-based OS and offer it for free to PC makers. Those PC makers will love Google for giving them a free OS and Google will love extending the reach of their money maker: google Adsense. The big win: Google can offer PC makers something they have never had: reoccurring revenue. Not only can Google give a free OS and office suite, they could offer them 10% of the Google Adsense revenue of that computer/user--FOR LIFE! Can you imagine if Dell or Compaq could not only sell a computer for $500 with $50 in profit, but also make another $25-50 a year in Adsense revenue? The person keeps the computer for another two years and Dell makes more from the Adsense than the computer. The Google Desktop is the greatest growth opportunity for Google right now, and Google needs to find growth if they are going to live up to their valuation. For those reasons I think this is a done deal. Thoughts?"

update to google download

google now allows you to download the free content, and they also have a new player. the site with the code was recently updated. thats why the update post.


this is the optimus keyboard. it is the best keyboard that i have ever seen, words can not describe it, so clean, elegant. it just looks amazing, finally a keyboard with icons.

.de give away

this site in belgium are giving away fiffty .de domain names away. i got one its worth a shot, except i dont know if one day youll have to pay for it. hope not, just say you get a few and forget about them. that would suck.

download google video

ever watch something on google video and want to keep it so that you could put in a portable device or just vie wit later with out having to go to the web site. you can now with these greasemonkey scripts. the extention for firefox (thats the only way you'll get this to work. so sorry ie users) lets you download straight from the site. and also youtube, which is also a video site. have fun

Been away

I have not had much to post lately. I have been helping a friend move and they have no internet connection. Well they do but its someone else's unsecured network. Except that my laptop can never really connect, and the sign is so weak that it drops like every hour. Come to think of it there are actually around four different signals in the area. I wonder if the signals conflict. They are all on the same channel. The reason I know this is because I used netstumbler to find out more information about the connections. This application comes in handy, the one I am currently trying to get to work is airsnort. It actually attempts to find the key if it is a secured network. The wep doesn't take long but I just need to find a secure network to try to crack it. I guess I could just drive around or there is this dentist office down the street that is secure in wpa. But that's a business and that might not be cool if I get caught. After all I have seen security and I just cant go sit inside with out an appointment. That will totally get me noticed. I think I will look locally by walking around and seeing what's out there. I need to start running Linux on a laptop, most of the apps. are written for Linux. Oh well just a thought, maybe I will look, maybe I wont. who knows? Only time will tell.

Friday, January 06, 2006

sex and games

if you play together then you stay together. the whole idea is that if you and your other play games together, i.e. computer games for couples, you are more likely to stay together. not to say that you have to play some fps with your man, or play some sims game with your girl, but these other games that are a little more like monopoly and cranium and karma sutra, its called Bliss. a game for lovers.

Mystery spot

The Mystery Spot, for decades one of Santa Cruz's most alluring tourist sites, bills itself as a place where the laws of physics and gravity cease to exist. But Bruce Bridgeman, a professor of psychology and psychobiology at the University of California-Santa Cruz, says the Mystery Spot isn't a mystery.``Scientific psychology,'' he says, can explain all the illusions that visitors encounter there. That's why Bridgeman uses the Mystery Spot to teach his students how the human brain works -- and deceives.

ipod heist

On Wednesday night two men walked into COMPUSA in Manchester and went to the electronics counter. One of them walked over to the glass case and handed over $8,000 worth of I-Pods to his friend. Customers say they aren't surprised. "I was just standing at the counter for about fifteen minutes and no one came over to help us. There were a few other people standing behind us and there was no one around," said Luc Parandes. "It's pretty easy to steal from that place if no one's watching anyone."

push music

The Viktoria Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden, is working on a concept they call PUSH MUSIC, which is software that automatically shares music files with nearby users who have similar tastes. yes! so when i plunck down the money for my wifi ipod then i will finally be able to go to starbucks and start to share my music and of course sharing is caring.

Del Monte greenback

An ordinary fruit sticker that mysteriously ended up on a $20 bill could spur currency collectors to bid up to 1,000 times the bill's face value at an auction Friday. The flawed bill bears a red, green and yellow Del Monte sticker next to Andrew Jackson's portrait. The bill originated at a U.S. Treasury Department printing facility in Fort Worth, but how the fruit tag found its way onto the greenback is unknown.

The deadly f5 attack

UNIONTOWN -- A Stark County high school senior has been arrested and charged for allegedly trying to crash his school's computer system. Police say the student, created a website which connected to the school's system. When enough users logged on and hit the F5 button, it overloaded the school's system. They say that he might receive jail time for his crime, but I don't really see a crime here. In fact I see this as a person who wasn't being challenged enough by his school and then turned his abilities towards something else. The school should employ him and find out how he found the hole in the schools system. But I guess the school has to save face, so community service and other action are in order

vista system requirements

this is a list of the requirements for windows vista. intel and amd have provided a list of processors that they say will comply with vista. the manufacter lists also include the gpu lists from nvidia and ati. very extensive listing, and not to mention that you should have at least a gb of ram. just remember back to when xp was released. it doubled the specs standard. seems that it is a ploy by microsoft ad hardware manufacters are in league, not only do you have to by the new os but about $500 of upgrades, and lets do this every five to six years. something smells fishy

i can see you

the government has this new device that can see through walls. The new gadget called a RADAR SCOPE that will enable them to see motion through up to 12 inches of concrete, detecting movement as minute as someone breathing in the next room. The DARPA-developed device weighs only a pound and a half, is waterproof, runs on AA batteries and costs taxpayers only about $1,000 each. I want one!

unattended windows install

this is very interseting that you can install windows with out sitting there, although now i can almost tell how long it takes till you have to enter the user name and serial, and shortly ther after you have to setup the network connection, to me its like a timer. not to mentioned i slipstreamed sp2 into my windows disk anyway, so the only thing i really need is to do the other necessary tweaks, still good to know, but you need to now a little about batch filing

Thursday, January 05, 2006

laptops and mens lap no good

Men who regularly balance their laptop computers on their laps when working may be jeopardizing their ability to have children, according to a new study from fertility researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. The potential risk comes from the heat generated by the laptop computer and the close position of one's thighs when balancing the computer on one's lap, the researchers found.


i was watching attack of the show, actually attack of the skit a end of the year clip show, and they had a funny skit inregards to the ipods. the skit starts out like most mac ads: a white room and a guy with a beard and wearing all black.(oh my gosh! contrast! who would ever think of combining white and black together, revolutionary!) anyway the man is steve jobs, and he is introducing the latest that mac has to offer, the ipod shuffle video! he remarks that todays world is full of video and that apple wanted to take all the nonsense of video out and focus only on the sound, hence the ipod shuffle video. just like the ipod with wifi, just another thing for the mindless zombies to buy, then next month an ipod that has gps, and then...


for those of you that only have a sp1 disk of windows there is a disk that can patch you all the way up to sp2, named auto patcher, i guess they are working on the latest

Break in

A man breaks into this women's house and puts porn on her computer... That is it, so why do that? Is that some kind of new fetish, porn on some body else's computer. Who I think man kind has hit a all time low

mark of the beast

in some none tech related news they have found that the actual number is 616, the reason being is that since the newer versions of the new testement were written in greek.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

alienware themes

you can download the themes that come with alienware computers for free, so now you can pretend that you too have an alienware puter, after all they had the first sli boards.

linksys faster then wired ethernet

Linksys claims that with SRX400 on both sides, the speed can exceed that of 10/100 Ethernet connections. It's a big claim and one that remains to be tested by CNET Labs.


koobox is the name of the new linspire box to be sold, and so begins the change. it will only be a little time till google's linux os comes out in a computer system.

best buy

bestbuy cant seem to install cirus and probably xm radio. they think that you have to install the antenna on the inside of the vehicle, when the manual say's to install outside of the vehicle.

my diggs

if you ever wanted to you can see all the story's that i have dugg on digg, you just have to click and you can see, you can also view other people that you now that use digg. just use digg/profile/(theirusername), and you will be able to view their diggs.

more torrents

since we are on the topic of finding torrents, BitTorrent is a file distribution system used for transferring files across a network of people. As you download a file, BitTorrent places what you download on upload for other users; when multiple people are downloading the same file at the same time they upload pieces of the file to each other. BitTorrent pieces together the file you are downloading, to where the first part of a file you get may be the last part someone else gets. As you continue to retrieve the file, BitTorrent also uploads data to other users. For example, a person with 98 percent of the file done is directed to the people with the 2 percent of the file they still need, you can find a lot at the pirate bay, and by the way they need to raise money to increase the server size, they need ruffly about $7000.


this site helps you search for torrents so that you can down load what ever it is you want. even shows lilke csi and diggnation just to name a few


this is one of the most interesting things that i have heard in a long time, you have to hear it and if you listen through a nice set of headphones it sounds cool

google or not google

this is a site that is like google except that it has adds on the page, just exactly what google was staying away from, but not really google

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

portable open office

for those of you that travel between a lot of different computers this portable application is kick ass. you can open an office doc and make your changes and whats to say that the computer has no actual word proccessing app.(which is highly unlikely, but you would be surprised.)so 2.0.1 is out now for download


this new extention for firefox is pretty cool, it keeps a persistant buddy list in the browser and allows for file sharing throught the bit-torrent client, that means it works when the buddy is not at his/her puter. They will be able to see what files you choose to share (even getting an RSS feed of new files you include), and with a single click download it to their own hard drive. but wait, just before you wet yourself, allpeers is still in beta. if you want you can email them to get in the action and test it.

information leakage

How does this keep happening? Companies have been publicly humiliated, slapped with audits, and threatened with prosecution, but sensitive personal data continues to be compromised. The U.S. Department of Justice is the latest to demonstrate its information-security incompetence. The mistake: exposing Social Security numbers on its Web site.

intel has new face

intel has released their new logo's or as they call it "brand identity." looks really cool and looks like they will be comming up with a dualcore centrino, looks pretty hot.

new windows hole

computer security teams have discovered a new windows exploit last week, and not to mentio that there have been several occurences reported. the damaging attacks increased dramatically at the weekend after a group of computer hackers published the source code they used to exploit it. Unlike most attacks, which require victims to download or execute a suspect file, the new vulnerability makes it possible for users to infect their computers with spyware or a virus simply by viewing a web page, e-mail or instant message that contains a contaminated image.


More than 70 business students from MIT's Sloan School of Management will tour nearly 40 companies, including Apple Computer, Salesforce.com, Google and Hewlett-Packard as part of an annual meeting. For the students, it's a chance to kick the tires on the technology sector. Some have plenty of other options, including a career in consulting, working for influential and high-paying firms, such as Bain or McKinsey, said Paul Denning, spokesman for the Sloan School. But money won't be the only factor the students consider.

starz to allow downloads

the movie channels that only some of the fortunate are fond of, or are we cause that means that we might watch entirely to much tv, is now letting you download movies to view where ever for the price of $9.50 a month. now all you need is a fast connection otherwise you should just count yourself out of the loop.:(

Fuji rocked by massive quake

paliminary reports have reported that fuji has had a 7.1 mag. earthquake in the fuji region

9/11 archieve

the news station is allowing their archieves to be viewed again, but right now there are a lot of people that are viewing them so it might lag

Monday, January 02, 2006

sony and graffiti

sony was ordered by the city of Philadephia to remove their graffiti from their most recent ad campaign that they launched which has children riding psp's and such

ipod shuffle going bye bye

apple will probably be getting rid of the shuffle some sources say, the reason being is that the online stores have been out of stock since mid december, and that several locations are also out of stock and dont know when they will be getting anymore, and the nano which was projected to be in limited quantities is still available

JFK video stabilized

they have stabilizied the old photoage of that day in texas, you have to see it to believe it

Poor Elmo

seems there is another Elmo toy that has a bit of a "potty mouth", i guess this one asks you if you want to die

PS3 buggy and late

Kotaku claims that Sony is also allegedly having trouble with the PS3 graphics engine. Another insider claims you only have to look at the only footage of Playstation 3 code in motion to see the problems. He claimed that Sony miscalculated the added complexity of the cell infrastructure in its graphics engine and this was having adverse effects on development. Either way, chances are the PS3 will either come out late with the games and most of its problems solved, or be out on time and a tad buggy. µ

Zeno's paradox

The paradox states that motion is impossible, and that our perception of movement is an illusion. It is because say you ran 100 meters, you must first run 50, then 25, then 12.5 and so on, so that the runner would have to make all these mid points and would have an infinite number of mid-points.

PC prices

There is still an ongoing debate on whether or not you can build a system that can be lower then a manufacturer, I say you can but it all depends on whether you want to use legit software, even then make it Linux and you can drop the cost by at least $200.

tamacco is real

this fan of the simpsons has grown tamacco! if you never watch the simpsons homer grew tamacco at the family farm when he ran out of town cause a man wanted to dual. the pictures are to die for

google box

the google pc is in the works but the only down fall is that the deal talks include wal-mart

xbox 360

the hacking community is drawing ever so near on hacking the new box, only time will tell

Sunday, January 01, 2006

cell phone jammers

this cell looking devices can jam a signal in a 3o ft radius around the operator. this would be ideal if you are having a nice dinner with someone and you hear someone else just blabbering. i would so get one is i had the money

movie scripts

ever want to know what they really said in some movies where you can understand a word the actor say's, i.e mickey on snatch and so on. well if you have this site has the largest data base of movie scripts. definatly worth checking out.

Make your own hotspot

this is a some what detailed description that you can use to set up your own hotspot. if you have some of the components you could use it to possible charge you neighbors or even advertise that you have a pay-as-you-go wifi area. will still be to your interest to be in a remote area to charge.

space shuttle sonic boom

you can see a picture of the space shuttle has the sonic boom occured. they have disabled the remote link to the image so you have to go to the site to see it :(

Learn Japanese

There is a new game that you can use to learn Japanese, German, and Indonesian. So if you ever had the idea, I know I did, of learn Japanese then this is defiantly worth checking out. I wanna play!