Monday, January 30, 2006

ameriprise mistake

the other day an employee of ameriprise, a spin off of american express, had his car broken into and the laptop that he used for work was stolen. one would think that the company would not be worried about the info that was on the laptop, i mean it should be encrypted right? well, it turns out that all he had was a user password and the info was unencrypted. so now the information of some 230,000 people is floating around some where in the us, and all they can say that the likelihood of the individual who stole the said laptop would not know what the info is. well lets think a minute here, if you are able to get in the laptop, safemode would be my first choice because most people do not set an admin password, and did find the file with all the info in it, i think if i just glanced at it and be able to tell that the file contained the persons name, social, address and even in some cases the account number. uhm, if the individual stole the laptop by breaking in the car why would he not use the stole numbers to try and by something online or apply for other cards with the peoples info. this company is not the sharpest tool in the tool shed. to make a long story short they started to contact the people last saturday and the employee was fired.


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