Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Been away

I have not had much to post lately. I have been helping a friend move and they have no internet connection. Well they do but its someone else's unsecured network. Except that my laptop can never really connect, and the sign is so weak that it drops like every hour. Come to think of it there are actually around four different signals in the area. I wonder if the signals conflict. They are all on the same channel. The reason I know this is because I used netstumbler to find out more information about the connections. This application comes in handy, the one I am currently trying to get to work is airsnort. It actually attempts to find the key if it is a secured network. The wep doesn't take long but I just need to find a secure network to try to crack it. I guess I could just drive around or there is this dentist office down the street that is secure in wpa. But that's a business and that might not be cool if I get caught. After all I have seen security and I just cant go sit inside with out an appointment. That will totally get me noticed. I think I will look locally by walking around and seeing what's out there. I need to start running Linux on a laptop, most of the apps. are written for Linux. Oh well just a thought, maybe I will look, maybe I wont. who knows? Only time will tell.


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