Tuesday, January 31, 2006


this is the possible name for the new google os. Essentially it is a moded version of ubuntu. which i may add is the way of the future of linux. granted you have to learn a little command lines but i have been running breezy bager for about a month and i can play my mp3's, have two different torrent apps, frostwire(limewire like program), firefox 1.5 w/ all the plugins, and it is really stable. With the app automatix it helps with the finding and the loading of most of the apps listed above (i installed firefox 1.5 myself) and the video and audio codecs. the only thing i have not been able to do is to view some xml on certain web sites. what i mean is that i can view it on a pc. not to mention all the drives that i have that are formatted for win can be read by it. so essentially i have a dual booting laptop, but i have allocated more space for linux, and left about 10 gbs for windows. the reason for that was because i downloaded this program that helps a windows os view a linux file system and format. so with that i can still access that part of the hard drive and store and recall the info. i do notice that when i do the ubuntu start up lags the next time i try to start it up, it just checks for disk error. anywho, what i am getting at is that when the working version of goobuntu comes out it can be a nice substitute for windows , not to mention that if the person is a new user then they will not have to unlearn anything and start fresh. the most important aspect is that it is free. on another note google also released a newer version of the google toolbar and google bookmarks. you just have to visit the google page.


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