Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The google pack

The latest from google seems to getting rag reviews after its release the other day. Industry observers are saying that it is underwhelming, and that they are now confused on where google might be going in the future. Although, after reviewing the software, I found it not to be of any benefit to me, or for those that already monitor their systems a little bit more carefully then the average user might. The idea is there but like James Governor mentioned in an article inregards to the google pack, their application selection was not that great. The selection of real player was a mistake. Going with a more popular media player might have been nice; winamp would have been my selection. I also would have used zonealarm as the firewall application and antivir personal edition as the antivirus app. You could have a set up for when you start to market your os. You will have it developed and ready with an improved updater (mainly the interface, its not that good looking), that can update a nice selection of open source software. this release is a good start in the possible right direction. Lets see if they rethink their selection of apps. and smooth out the interface. After all that's why they call it beta.


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