Wednesday, January 11, 2006

symantec installs a rootkit

symantec admits that it planted a root kit in system works inorder to keep a user from deleted a system file. they later realized that they may have made a wrong decision. that leaves the system open to possible attacks that could then install malware of all sorts. upon finding this out i have come to the conclusion that symantec might not be the best solution for your every security need. dont get me wrong, i have it installed on my laptop and my family's pc, but on every other pc i have i am running zone alarm and node32. its just that all the people that have used system works they stop using it after a year or untill the subscription runs out. (some people run 2002 because it still works and it dose not require registration) they come to the realization that system works dose nothing for their system. infact i have seen it corrupt more systems then it had helped. not to mention i have also found that on those systems that i run other applications other then symantec products i have fewer process running (20 total) and my boot time is 39 sec. this is on a system that is only a p3 486 with 320 mb of ram and a 64 mb graphics card (which i use as an internet box,as well as my blog tool. i actually like it better then the celeron d and sempron). the only application that i used to get the boot time so low was bootvis and the normal windows tweaks, the standard services; swap filing and a few regedits. but other then that the system is pretty standard. it boots faster then the new computers that anyone can buy at any retailer, and this system was build so many years back (i have four infact with the similar set up and even with less ram. email me if you live near and i can help you with the revamping of an old system for the kids or just to have an extra pc in the house). which also goes to show that you do not have to buy a computer every year; people like microsoft, hp compaq, lenvo, and even mac make you believe that you should. i realize that computers or the operating sytem is their business but dose that really intitle them to force you to upgrade? i guess i got a little of track with the subject and anywho back to symantec, i dont think that i will be using them in the next year for my laptop and i might suggest the same to my family. the only thing there is that the computer is theirs and i can only suggest, they might like the security of symantec, and the amount of process it has to run to stay a float.


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