Monday, January 16, 2006

The wrist watch

Some may say that the wrist watch is going the way of the grandfather clock, and kids are now turning to the cell phone and their ipod, assuming they have one cause we know how everyone needs an ipod. I would have to disagree. Not everyone can afford a cell phone and/or a ipod. The article that I read should have not concentrated on what the children of this country are using because after all the parents have to buy the product for them and they get what the parents give them. Not to mention say that you are swimming and you need to keep the time. cellphones and ipods are not water proof, or even all weather for that matter. Although I should keep mouth shut they might buy yet another ipod for people to buy, the water proof ipod. In practical thinking the wrist watch can still live on, it just needs some revamping. With nano technology and wireless applications, you could integrate all three products and have only on thing to carry around. At that point you can use existing technology for making the mp3-watch-cellphone water proof. What I really want to say is that we should not get a head of ourselves.


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