Monday, January 16, 2006

XP home support till 2008

I had reported earlier that the support for win XP home would end at the end of 2006 but the support will continue till the end of 2008. Its not like they can just forget about one of the most sold operating systems that they have. It is not the best but it was probably sold more then pro, reason I say that it might is because almost every retailer has PC's that come pre-loaded with home. At least 95% of all PC sales include home when you go buy a at places like office depot and best buy. Microsoft would be dumb to just drop it like a bad habit, not to mention that all the people who own those PC don't know how to use the PC. They would be a liability to the entire internet community. We would at least a couple hundred vulnerable PC out there, not good in my opinion.


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