Monday, February 27, 2006


i guess the phishing day's are coming to an end. no longer will people have to be watching out i their email for these types of attacks. instead we have leveled up, and have to be on the lookout for the keyloggers. no the unsolicited email will take you to a site that has the keylogger hidden somewhere in the site waiting for people to click the link and down load the bot and watch it work its magic. but thats a lot of info to be looking through dont you think. well, the logger only records info when the users navigate to a desired site then it flips on, and when your done with the logon info it radios back to the host and spills the beans. sings like a canary, gives you user name and password. the authorities have stopped two different rings, one in brazil and the other in russia that was operating in france, in the last two weeks and suspect that it could become an international problem soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

4d cube

Friday, February 24, 2006


quad sli later this year, crazy

Monday, February 20, 2006

no delay on ps3

Sony Computer Entertainment, denies a Merrill Lynch & Co. report that the PlayStation 3 video game console may be delayed. i really dont care if there is a delay on the ps3, the revolution from nintendo is the system that will change gaming. plus i read an article that said the estimated cost is around $800. plus i have three words, the legend of zelda, the word of dose not count as a word.

washington post gives up hacker

the post has given up their botnet hacker. i guess people can get the info from the file of the pic that they display.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

drunk shooting

in none tech news it seems that channey was drunk ans upset at the man he shot. only time will tell if in fact if he is going to be sentenced as a regular human, not an immortal man of the us government of the world, oh, i mean of the united states. what a fag. much like the president of the world, or so he would like to think.

no sleepy

this man has not slept in 3 decades.

the desk

this is the ultimate desk that anyone who wants to use more then one computer. you have to check this out

Saturday, February 18, 2006

mac worm

there is a new worm that is affecting mac systems through the ichat instant messaging client. althought it only cause the application to run improperly. leap.a is the name of the virus and is not considered to be a big threat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

patch tuesday

Microsoft has announced seven patches coming next week’s Patch Tuesday, according to Bink. Four will be for Windows, an additional one for Windows n’ Office, one for Office itself, and one for Media Player, some are a maximum of Critical, although all the Office ones are just Important. And, as usual, the handy Malicious Software Removal Tool will be released as well.

google amps

this what the british do with their sparetime. it is actually pretty funny, he was probably drunk!

usb sucks power

The engineers responsible for Intel's Core Duo processor and Centrino Duo platform are a bit frustrated. Years of hard work leading up to the platform's launch in early January was first plagued by the problem of availability. Core Duo and Centrino Duo notebooks are still not widely available, and that will continue to be the case at least for another week or two. Outside of availability, another even more troubling problem crept up - could it be that the Core Duo platform had a bug that significantly reduced battery life when paired with any USB 2.0 device? The folks at Tom's Hardware originally uncovered the issue, when they noted that battery life on their ASUS Core Duo notebook dropped dramatically after merely connecting an external USB 2.0 device.

no more passwords

with the new microsoft os coming out, vista, gates says that they are developing an idea to use a "infocard" to eliminate the need to enter a password and no need to remember them. Even with the advancements, Gates said he wasn't naive enough to think the password would go away overnight. "I don't pretend that we are going to move away from passwords overnight, but over three or four years, for corporate systems, this change can and should happen," he said.


On Friday, March 27, will launch Adult Swim Fix, streaming full-length episodes twenty-four hours a day online. Seven archival episodes will be available at all times, while premieres will continue to debut on Fridays, two days before they appear on-air.

Monday, February 13, 2006

valentine virus

Aha.. February is upon us and its now that time a year when men willing buy some meaningless gift for the significant other, all in the good name of "getting some." they go out to the malls, shops and other locals to spend their hard earned money on something that will probably windup in drawer or some box tucked away after it lost its magic, or even better it had better be an improvement from the last gift. always have to kick it up a notch and out do yourself. its almost like you would have to spend an entire year contemplating what you have to do, jump through the hoop one more time show dog. the stress and anguish that you go through, the sleepless nights wondering will it be good enough? how long will i be with her? i mean , i dont want to buy a ring or anything expensive like that. that is unless she agreed to give it back to me after the break up, but that is highly unlikly. id rather go to the dentist then ask for it back. but if she wants to keep it then send her the unfinished bill, then youll see how much she really wants it. but anyway im getting way off course, what i really wanted to talk about is the virus that is going to be circulating some through email and chat groups. A virus known as "Vbs_Valentin.A" and other viruses like "Worm-blebla.B" and "VBS-ILoveyou" will also assault computers if users open e-mails or attachments disguised with Valentine blessings. so be carefull with those emails and everything else that may or may not go down.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

not related

in a totally non-tech related topic, i have always wondered that if a man is conversing with a women and she begins to play with her hair, dose that mean that she is slightly interested in that man. i have asked many different types of women and they have all given me a different answers. some of the more "wild" girls that i asked said that the hair playing gesture is the most obvious one, along with drawing any attention to their body, like their legs or neck. these girls also mentioned that they would tell what kinda guy you are if in fact you actually pick up on these signs. the other groups of girls i asked gave the same answer, that yes it is true, and women will act like they are interested in what you are saying as well, so i guess the smarter you sound the more impressed they are. at the same time people often times play with things with their left hand when they are not telling the truth. so if a lady plays with her hair with her left hand dose that mean that she is not really interested in you? or is she just misleading you cause she wants a meaningless night of sweatiness. that may be why some men have problem speaking and meeting women, we have a lot of things to think about. its like 'oh shes playing with her hair! but wait, is that her... damn it is! its her left hand. does she mean no way or maybe? i cant tell, damn!' i think that i will stick to the super market and church to pick up on chicks, its some much eaiser to strike up a conversation while looking at the vegetables and deciding what type of salad dressing i want to try, or better yet while waiting for my turn for confession, or while standing in line for communion. 'hey you have many sins this week? ive been wicked bad, but anyway after weget done with this you wanna get a bit to eat?'

tunnel crashes

this is an amazing video of a series of car accidents that happen in a tunnel that looks to be in europe. the out of control bus is the best.

smallest mp3 player

this little box has 2 gb of storage and a boat load of options which include a voice recorder fm tuner. it also has a usb rechargeable lithuim-ion battery. no word if it is removable. this little guy is also only $159. to me it seems like a better choice then the nano, because i really dont need to see anything. we should all be realistic when would you ever want to watch a video on such a small screen. not to mention in odrer to that with the nano you need to flash it with linux and then the nano can play video.

nsa starts out young

the cryptokids are the new poster group for the nsa, and they are obviously targeting children. i guess spying is cool.

microsoft removal of norton

the latest definitions that where released for the microsoft spyware removal tool no flags norton antivirus as a password stealer, and prompts you to remove it. if removed it corrupts norton and you have to remove it the hard way, mainly through regedit. that is possibly the best reason not to use their removal tool.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

france favors p2p

the government of france sided with anthony g a user of p2p in a court case that was in the court system of france. anthony g was taken to court by lobby group SociÃetÃe Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques who accused him of having 1,875 files containing copyright material. anthony was a frequent user of kazza back in 2004. the french government feels that as long as their is no person gain then there is nothing wrong with p2p.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


and i thought that we are compact. this almost looks like a model.

free source day of defeat

this weekend valve is giving away the source version of day of defeat for free. the source version is a cleaner version of the original. if you just have the regular versioni would jump on the free download.


if you are using gmail and you would like to use the chat feature and you use firefox youmight have to disable the adblocker for it not to crash firefox. the google team is working on a patch but i guess hold tight. i really dont think that a lot of people are really jumping at this feature.

sleeping bags

this is the coolest thing that could happen to a sleeping bag. you can sleep vertually anywhere. although i can pretty much do that now but now i would be warm.

windows vista

there is an estimated date on the release of the newest version of windows. there is actually a web site that you can guess the actual date, and you can even watch a "hint" video. the early release is nov. 30th and the late date is dec 1st. wow thats a long time between the early and the late. here is the actual site, maybe you will guess the actual release.

Monday, February 06, 2006

128 bit rip off

we might have one time or another downloaded a song or two off the web. some of us have done it legally and some of us have not. one of the ways that you can download legally is from itunes, napster or but what most people dont know is that the bit rates differ from service to service. for example you can buy the actual cd at the best quality possible, the reason being it is uncompressed. you actually hear the quality difference between the actual cd and the compressed version. (although, most people would say that they dont care, but ill get back to that later.)most times when you download the song you usually get it at a bit rate of 128kbps, that is, every second of music is represented by 128 kilobits of data. cd quality is rated at 175 kilobytes - 11 times more then the compressed 128. also when downloading you dont get the insert and the album cover, maybe just an image. when you buy a song from itunes you buy it at 128kbps,using acc encoding, for ruffly 7.99. while on napster you would get to download the same song at 192kbps, in wma format, for only 7.95. so for .5 less you get a higher bit rate but a crappy format. from you can download the same song at 320 kbps, and in the mp3 format for just 6.99, that is also with out the drm of both apple and windows. by far is the overall winner in this war of the legal downloads. yet another bonus is that your not locked into using one type of media player and you can move the file between many different players that you would like. the customer has the most freedom to do what ever they would like with their new purchase. that freedom is what we had be for the slavery of the ipod and apples need to lock their noob users. i just hate the idea that you buy something and they tell you how to use the product that belongs to you. after all you traded those hard earned dollars for that item. still the file sharing fans have no need to worry, one just has to select the bit rate you would like it in and the format. that sounds really easy to me.

deaman tools and alcohol

it has come to sysinternal that deamon tools and alcohol 120% are using rootkits to get around the drm of most games and movies or what ever it is that you want to copy. its is almost like the same rootkit that sony used to ristrict the copying of their cds. this is not cool because if hackers find a way to expliot the rootkit then you might have some problems running those virtual disk and copying your counsel games. for the full article visit the sysinternal website.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

my linux box

i am so glad that i have ventured into the world of linux. it has never been so easy, not even with windows. i had the help of automatix and some common know how from windows command line, but the rest has been very easy. the creative external soundcard works and everything. infact i just got it to work today and now i am working on recording from it. if that is achieved i will almost abandon windows on my laptop. althought i will never leave windows i might just use the linux os more often then the windows. mainly cause i can run different windows at the same time. also the stability is nice. i also plan to order a 1 gb strip of memory this week and see how it improves the running of windows and for the most part after effects. i know that the linux half is going to run like no other. right now it runs great with the 512 that i have installed right now. infact it runs smoother then the windows os and i really like that i can run it with so little memory. althought i dont know is firefox 1.5 has the same memory leak that the windows and mac ver. had. if so i am unaware of such a leak. althought with the new fix the windows ver. is running much better and there is no serious memory leak anymore. as for the release of ie 7.0 beta 2 there have been many of issues. first of all there was the discovery of a major flaw with in 15 minutes if the release of the beta tester. aside from the flaw you would also need to authenticate your windows. so all those corporate editions would work. i would have to reinstall my windows home edition in order to try it out. i frankly will not go back to home and i barely will go back to windows only for the adobe products and the games. if i could find a linux ver of counterstrike then i will almost always boot to the linux. i just find it a lot more stable and i dont have a spyware program and a antivirus app. i have installed a firewall named firestarter but i really doubt that i will need it. i also like the fact of the stream lines log on. but i have yet to introduce it to the fam or even a customer of mine. i think that it will be some time until i am able to deliver a linux box to a potential customer. i might if i have it all set up with everything that the user might want and not to mention that i would have to set up the folders that they would be using. the idea of remote management would be nice, at this point it would be glamorous. but enough of me ranting and raving i need to get this out on the table and it is that ubuntu has definitely changed my mind about linux and its possibility to take over.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

blue light

it appears that when people are exposed to blue light they are able to maintain alertness when most people would start to feel sleepy.