Monday, February 06, 2006

128 bit rip off

we might have one time or another downloaded a song or two off the web. some of us have done it legally and some of us have not. one of the ways that you can download legally is from itunes, napster or but what most people dont know is that the bit rates differ from service to service. for example you can buy the actual cd at the best quality possible, the reason being it is uncompressed. you actually hear the quality difference between the actual cd and the compressed version. (although, most people would say that they dont care, but ill get back to that later.)most times when you download the song you usually get it at a bit rate of 128kbps, that is, every second of music is represented by 128 kilobits of data. cd quality is rated at 175 kilobytes - 11 times more then the compressed 128. also when downloading you dont get the insert and the album cover, maybe just an image. when you buy a song from itunes you buy it at 128kbps,using acc encoding, for ruffly 7.99. while on napster you would get to download the same song at 192kbps, in wma format, for only 7.95. so for .5 less you get a higher bit rate but a crappy format. from you can download the same song at 320 kbps, and in the mp3 format for just 6.99, that is also with out the drm of both apple and windows. by far is the overall winner in this war of the legal downloads. yet another bonus is that your not locked into using one type of media player and you can move the file between many different players that you would like. the customer has the most freedom to do what ever they would like with their new purchase. that freedom is what we had be for the slavery of the ipod and apples need to lock their noob users. i just hate the idea that you buy something and they tell you how to use the product that belongs to you. after all you traded those hard earned dollars for that item. still the file sharing fans have no need to worry, one just has to select the bit rate you would like it in and the format. that sounds really easy to me.


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