Monday, February 27, 2006


i guess the phishing day's are coming to an end. no longer will people have to be watching out i their email for these types of attacks. instead we have leveled up, and have to be on the lookout for the keyloggers. no the unsolicited email will take you to a site that has the keylogger hidden somewhere in the site waiting for people to click the link and down load the bot and watch it work its magic. but thats a lot of info to be looking through dont you think. well, the logger only records info when the users navigate to a desired site then it flips on, and when your done with the logon info it radios back to the host and spills the beans. sings like a canary, gives you user name and password. the authorities have stopped two different rings, one in brazil and the other in russia that was operating in france, in the last two weeks and suspect that it could become an international problem soon.


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