Saturday, February 04, 2006

my linux box

i am so glad that i have ventured into the world of linux. it has never been so easy, not even with windows. i had the help of automatix and some common know how from windows command line, but the rest has been very easy. the creative external soundcard works and everything. infact i just got it to work today and now i am working on recording from it. if that is achieved i will almost abandon windows on my laptop. althought i will never leave windows i might just use the linux os more often then the windows. mainly cause i can run different windows at the same time. also the stability is nice. i also plan to order a 1 gb strip of memory this week and see how it improves the running of windows and for the most part after effects. i know that the linux half is going to run like no other. right now it runs great with the 512 that i have installed right now. infact it runs smoother then the windows os and i really like that i can run it with so little memory. althought i dont know is firefox 1.5 has the same memory leak that the windows and mac ver. had. if so i am unaware of such a leak. althought with the new fix the windows ver. is running much better and there is no serious memory leak anymore. as for the release of ie 7.0 beta 2 there have been many of issues. first of all there was the discovery of a major flaw with in 15 minutes if the release of the beta tester. aside from the flaw you would also need to authenticate your windows. so all those corporate editions would work. i would have to reinstall my windows home edition in order to try it out. i frankly will not go back to home and i barely will go back to windows only for the adobe products and the games. if i could find a linux ver of counterstrike then i will almost always boot to the linux. i just find it a lot more stable and i dont have a spyware program and a antivirus app. i have installed a firewall named firestarter but i really doubt that i will need it. i also like the fact of the stream lines log on. but i have yet to introduce it to the fam or even a customer of mine. i think that it will be some time until i am able to deliver a linux box to a potential customer. i might if i have it all set up with everything that the user might want and not to mention that i would have to set up the folders that they would be using. the idea of remote management would be nice, at this point it would be glamorous. but enough of me ranting and raving i need to get this out on the table and it is that ubuntu has definitely changed my mind about linux and its possibility to take over.


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