Sunday, February 12, 2006

not related

in a totally non-tech related topic, i have always wondered that if a man is conversing with a women and she begins to play with her hair, dose that mean that she is slightly interested in that man. i have asked many different types of women and they have all given me a different answers. some of the more "wild" girls that i asked said that the hair playing gesture is the most obvious one, along with drawing any attention to their body, like their legs or neck. these girls also mentioned that they would tell what kinda guy you are if in fact you actually pick up on these signs. the other groups of girls i asked gave the same answer, that yes it is true, and women will act like they are interested in what you are saying as well, so i guess the smarter you sound the more impressed they are. at the same time people often times play with things with their left hand when they are not telling the truth. so if a lady plays with her hair with her left hand dose that mean that she is not really interested in you? or is she just misleading you cause she wants a meaningless night of sweatiness. that may be why some men have problem speaking and meeting women, we have a lot of things to think about. its like 'oh shes playing with her hair! but wait, is that her... damn it is! its her left hand. does she mean no way or maybe? i cant tell, damn!' i think that i will stick to the super market and church to pick up on chicks, its some much eaiser to strike up a conversation while looking at the vegetables and deciding what type of salad dressing i want to try, or better yet while waiting for my turn for confession, or while standing in line for communion. 'hey you have many sins this week? ive been wicked bad, but anyway after weget done with this you wanna get a bit to eat?'


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