Monday, February 13, 2006

valentine virus

Aha.. February is upon us and its now that time a year when men willing buy some meaningless gift for the significant other, all in the good name of "getting some." they go out to the malls, shops and other locals to spend their hard earned money on something that will probably windup in drawer or some box tucked away after it lost its magic, or even better it had better be an improvement from the last gift. always have to kick it up a notch and out do yourself. its almost like you would have to spend an entire year contemplating what you have to do, jump through the hoop one more time show dog. the stress and anguish that you go through, the sleepless nights wondering will it be good enough? how long will i be with her? i mean , i dont want to buy a ring or anything expensive like that. that is unless she agreed to give it back to me after the break up, but that is highly unlikly. id rather go to the dentist then ask for it back. but if she wants to keep it then send her the unfinished bill, then youll see how much she really wants it. but anyway im getting way off course, what i really wanted to talk about is the virus that is going to be circulating some through email and chat groups. A virus known as "Vbs_Valentin.A" and other viruses like "Worm-blebla.B" and "VBS-ILoveyou" will also assault computers if users open e-mails or attachments disguised with Valentine blessings. so be carefull with those emails and everything else that may or may not go down.


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