Monday, March 27, 2006


Skyler Bartels conducted an experiment that involves walmart and whether or not they can truly provide everything that you need in life. very interesting read.

eagles nest

Somebody has placed a video camera in a bald eagles nest. its crazy to watch.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


aside from having a very funny set of tv ads vw is also in the works with an in car interface that will allow you to navigate a computer like system in your car.

north korea

the reason that there are no disabled people in north korea is because they are kill shortly after they are born. their way of purifying the masses.

Monday, March 20, 2006

toshiba classaction

If you have this model, Toshiba Satellite A75-s2762, then you might be able to get it fixed if in fact you have noticed any problems with the unit. contact the complaint dept. for more info.


the name might ring a bell, remeber the dog from tv fun house? well this video is a must see if you like the insult dog. i really miss the show! click me

Sunday, March 19, 2006


if i where to get an ipod i would have to hack it and load linux on it. it will probably not interface with itunes and the music store but i would have complete control. i recently found this video that this guy made, ipod linux is simple and looks inviting. then you can rip what ever you want to it. nice.check this video and see

Thursday, March 16, 2006

the mac contest is over

for those that did not know there recently was a contest in which challenged its contestants in the ways of computers. the challenge? to install windows xp on a intell based mac. people from all around the world tried and only one man prevailed. his prize you ask? money, fame, women, well maybe not so much the women but he might get some. but there is money and fame thought, a nice two out of three. details have not yet been release but there is video to validate the claim. whether all this is true is yet proven, but i really wont believe it till i see it, all i would need if one of the new coreduo mac powerbooks and 2 gb of ram with a nice 120 or 160 gb hd and then ill let everyone know. my curiousity is killing me. then i am sure that linux will be next. then you could possibly have three in box. but hopefully three is not a crowd. anyway will see.untill then check out the video of the victory.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

folding a shirt

ever wonder how to fold a shirt? just watch


recently there was a security issue that was found in the breezy badger release. there was an ability to see the roots log on and password. but only a few hours after the post the problem was fixed. there in lies the reason i am writing this post. it only took a matter of hours for them to fix the problem, the response time was amazing. it would be nice if other software developers would be that responsive. especially if it where microsoft. they have had many of the same security holes go month's before they finally release a patch for the flaw. a prime example is the many holes that are still present in internet explorer. i guess thats why i started to learn the way of the nix. although there are reports that vista is more secure and blah blah blah. perhaps its because this time they are starting from the ground up. only time will tell.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


i found this little helper while running through digg, its a little batch file that anyone can create to "kill" a task or a few with a double click. simplely open the task manager, and then choose the task(s) that you want to kill in a hurry. after the selection(s) you want to open notepad, and you type this @echo off taskkill/im YPager.exe/f taskkill/im msnmsgr.exe/f these are examples of some process that you might find. just replace the "YPager.exe" with the process that you want to kill. oh, before i forget the "im" before the task stands for the image name that you want to stop, and the "/f" is to forcefully stoping the task. then just save the file as "taskkill.bat" and thats with the quotes, or you can name it what ever that you want. thats it, thats all that you have to do and then place it on the desktop. have fun and be careful on what task you put on the list cause some are essential. just google them first before adding the line.

puzzle alarm clock

this is what you would have to do to shut off the alarm clock in the mourning. this easy task is just enough to get you up instead of sleeping through the alarm.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the glowing coasters

this is an interesting hack that is really easy to do and will impress your friends. just check the pic