Thursday, March 16, 2006

the mac contest is over

for those that did not know there recently was a contest in which challenged its contestants in the ways of computers. the challenge? to install windows xp on a intell based mac. people from all around the world tried and only one man prevailed. his prize you ask? money, fame, women, well maybe not so much the women but he might get some. but there is money and fame thought, a nice two out of three. details have not yet been release but there is video to validate the claim. whether all this is true is yet proven, but i really wont believe it till i see it, all i would need if one of the new coreduo mac powerbooks and 2 gb of ram with a nice 120 or 160 gb hd and then ill let everyone know. my curiousity is killing me. then i am sure that linux will be next. then you could possibly have three in box. but hopefully three is not a crowd. anyway will see.untill then check out the video of the victory.


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