Thursday, March 02, 2006


i found this little helper while running through digg, its a little batch file that anyone can create to "kill" a task or a few with a double click. simplely open the task manager, and then choose the task(s) that you want to kill in a hurry. after the selection(s) you want to open notepad, and you type this @echo off taskkill/im YPager.exe/f taskkill/im msnmsgr.exe/f these are examples of some process that you might find. just replace the "YPager.exe" with the process that you want to kill. oh, before i forget the "im" before the task stands for the image name that you want to stop, and the "/f" is to forcefully stoping the task. then just save the file as "taskkill.bat" and thats with the quotes, or you can name it what ever that you want. thats it, thats all that you have to do and then place it on the desktop. have fun and be careful on what task you put on the list cause some are essential. just google them first before adding the line.


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