Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gmail drive

there is a new windows app. that allows you to use your gmail account as a storage device. now you can have 2 gb's of storage acces through my computer. it shows up there and you just have to log on. its still new but works great. what i did was created a new gmail account just for storage. so if you have an account just create a new yahoo or something and invite yourself or just make another one through your cellphone. just download theinstaller and extract it and open my computer and there it is. then all you have to do is to double click it and enter the info and bam! you can store things to it. nice! If in fact to reach from another computer all you have to do is bring the installer with you or just download it when you need it. i will post any updates to the software or just check back with the site for any updates. enjoy


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