Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Its been a while

this is probably the first post that I have done in a while. With all the school work and all I haven't had much time to post many thoughts or interesting things in regards to tech. I recently read about boot camp that will be out on osX 10.5, I believe. If you haven't heard its allows for other operating systems to be loaded on the new intel macs. That's right, you can dual and even triple boot. This is a dream come true. Most die hard mac users are just upset with the idea, but I on the other hand love it. You see even though I am a long time windows user I still like certain aspects of the other operating systems. I find the idea of being one sided stupid. The fact is osX is not supior then all. It just looks nice, lets not forget its just unix with a nice shell. Which means that its really close to linux, another great os. Windows can run just as stable, when optimized. But that takes some common knowledge, and the average user dose not want to take the time to learn the various tweaks. That's why if you ask the average mac osX user how things run on it they are just as unknowing as the average windows user. The only people that actually know whets going on with their os are the linux users. They ultimately have the control of whets going on behind the scenes. Its just that osX has everything done for you, where the other os's you have to actually learn something. I have been using three os's for the last year and osX still crashes, but it crashes in a different way. Just like linux since the kernal is in a different part from where the programs are running, only the program crashes. So lets wait and see if Vista will have the same deal. If so, with a new shell, noobs might now have a choice. The only real grip I have is that macs are for people who like to have the blinders on. Itunes sucks, and the rest of ilife is ok, but not the best. You see up until now windows just never really cared about making software other then office and the os. Third party apps have been great. Not to mention that the programs often times run faster. It would be nice to talk to someone that uses osX and not hear them rattle off the same comment,"I will never use windows or anything else again." The fact of the matter is that they are like horses that have blinders on. They will never see anything else but what they are told. So how can you spend $3000 on something that you can never make your own, I really don't like to be told what to do. Steve Jobs dose not know everything, although people might think that he dose. I am not preaching that one os is better then the rest but just use what you need and that's it. Adobe is universal, and now with gimp, you may never have to shell out $600 to edit your photos or create a logo or pdf or what ever else you use Adobe for. We live in the 21st century and we all have choices, be a leader and not a follower, and do what you feel that you need to. Don't do it cause a guy that only wears black turtle necks and jeans says that you need to do, or even a spectacle wearing guy who seems like a tyrant.


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