Thursday, May 18, 2006

At the store

today this couple tried to cut infront of me and my father. this was their angle: they had their 14 yr old wait in line and then wait till she reaches the front and then place their full basket down after her stuff as if they where all together. At which point they then place the divider between there items. As i say something they then start a scene, and start to criticize my life. then after we get past that whole thing,the daughter pays with nickels and dimes. To top that off she then is a dollar short. so my father offers to give her the dollar and they refuse. Now they have to decide what to take out. After it was all said and done, she asks the cashier why the total was 6.98 for only 5 items.(we where at the 99 cent store buying bird feed) the cashier looked upset cause she just had to count seven dollars in nickels and dimes with a few pennies. At this time i had to take the opportunity to make fun of the question that the ignorant little girl asked. once again her mother had something stupid to say. Truly amazing.


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