Tuesday, June 27, 2006

virus check

there is a nice way to test to see if infact the antivirus software is functioning, need not aplly to mac osX but i will try it out both on a friends and at skool. All you have to do is to copy this string,


into a text file and save it as a .com file. then email it to yourself and see if you are working out alright. node32, macaffee detect the file upon saving, as for the rest i have not the slightest idea what happens and how far you have to go till it detects it. is it dose not work at all here is the site for more detailed instructions, but if you did it right you might want to consider a different anti-virus.

Monday, June 26, 2006


this cat crawls into
a bottle and back out

pretty cool

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

us and ghana

he kinda reminds me of a mr.burns excelent, with a sinister laugh and saying good, good while rubbing his hands and a slight rocking back and forth.

anywho i hope they can pull out the v for the african nation.

so little to post

thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
thump thump thump thumpthump,
break down,
oh and some other ambient sounds where also in there, but anyway that would be one way to describe the song that i am listening to you right now.

i like pandora ;)

Monday, June 12, 2006

USA Go Home!

Czech Republic runs over USA

Today while most of us where at work and some of us where just waking up, that was me, and the rest of us where still sleeping the U.S team finds out the hard way that they still have no real grasp of the game we call football. The czech team came out firing, scoring their first goal in about 5 minutes and just kept the pressure on the U.S defense the rest of the half. the lack of urgency on the U.S part could be the reason that they just could not score a goal.
as for the czech team they are possibly the team to watch from their group. dispite the loss of their gigantic forword, Jan Koller, they still where able to keep the pressure offensivly and hold them back on defense. the czech team had a first time world cup player, Tomas Rosicky a midfielder, came to the rescue and steps up and fills the large shoes of their lone forword Jan Koller.
the match i want to see now is the czech team play the italians on the 22nd of june. this saturday the italians play the U.S and will probably hand them their second lose and squashing the U.S chances of moving on passed regular play.
all in all i dont think that the U.S should really get their hopes up and just enjoy their time in germany and not worry about their sorry performance.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

world cup

here is a site that has a nice web 2.0 look and has the schedule for the entire field. i will have to mention i think the creator is from the uk because the england games are highlighted. but who cares the site looks nice and its a good reference.

web 2.0 schdule
the game schedule for univision

the banner

i made this banner the other day. i found the backgrounds from mario world on line and then added some of my own things in to the banner. the baby mario is from another game but i like the fact that he is running. i also found the spirits that are also in the game. if anyone would like one drop me a line at my email address and i can make you one. all i need is the name or word that you want and what level. although right now there is only yoshi's island and the donut world. i guess the guy that is getting the maps is working on the rest of the worlds. also i do have some pics of baby mario and lugui and princess, and some others.

*note* the link to my email is going to start your default email client, if it is not set up, you need to do so. if you dont want to, then check the profile for the email address. or leave a comment and ill get back to you.

best buy

the other day my father and myself went to the local best buy to pick up a new game for the system that we just built to test its performance. as we arrive at the best buy we get out of the car and notice that these two guys in a large f-150 where trying to back out of the stall. what we noticed that they where have a hard time backing out. the bed of the truck was actually rubbing against the car next to them. all of a sudden this fat dude pours out of the truck. his friend then tries to get the truck out of the stall. but to no avail he failed, that is until my father helped them out. he walked over there and directed the dude out of the stall. but he unfortunately was unable to do so with out damaging the other vehicle. at that point he instructed him to just take off because they where about to get an increase in there insurance. so they did as he said. i was surprised because the things that my father was telling them to do would have been the most logical course of action. but they where not very good at driving that truck. i guess that with that example i guess one could say that men can drive large trucks as well?

Friday, June 02, 2006


recently there has been this update that checks to see if you have a genuine copy of xp. well if you can dont install it and tell updates to never remind you of that update again. With this new update i am almost in the notion that we should turn off auto updates and just wait each month for the autopatcher update. that way they go throught the trouble in finding the critical updates for you. either that or monitor everytime the updates come throught. i recommend that even if you dont know what autopatcher is. you may not know what you are looking for when you check the updates but just dont allow the genuine update get installed. then you will play hell getting it to go away. there are walk throughts, but it is a bit difficult to get through the process. just make sure that you are admin. i guess with vista coming out soon they want as many people to pay up, because it will be less expensive to upgrade then to buy a full version, if you actually choose one of the seven different shipping copies. i am starting to lean more towards mac and linux again, seeing how they use no copyright protection. that is a lot nicer and cheaper. I am also waiting fot the chance to run a triple threat in a stylish black powerbook. but anyway i am wondering off a little. what i will do is to put the link to autopatcher everymonth when the update is ready. the full version takes a few days to get out after the first of the month but the update is always out on time. so here you go, just click me this is assuming that you are up to date so far this year. other wise you will need to get the full version for last month and/or wait for the latest vesion to be released. and you are very naughty for not being up to date.