Sunday, June 11, 2006

the banner

i made this banner the other day. i found the backgrounds from mario world on line and then added some of my own things in to the banner. the baby mario is from another game but i like the fact that he is running. i also found the spirits that are also in the game. if anyone would like one drop me a line at my email address and i can make you one. all i need is the name or word that you want and what level. although right now there is only yoshi's island and the donut world. i guess the guy that is getting the maps is working on the rest of the worlds. also i do have some pics of baby mario and lugui and princess, and some others.

*note* the link to my email is going to start your default email client, if it is not set up, you need to do so. if you dont want to, then check the profile for the email address. or leave a comment and ill get back to you.


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