Sunday, June 11, 2006

best buy

the other day my father and myself went to the local best buy to pick up a new game for the system that we just built to test its performance. as we arrive at the best buy we get out of the car and notice that these two guys in a large f-150 where trying to back out of the stall. what we noticed that they where have a hard time backing out. the bed of the truck was actually rubbing against the car next to them. all of a sudden this fat dude pours out of the truck. his friend then tries to get the truck out of the stall. but to no avail he failed, that is until my father helped them out. he walked over there and directed the dude out of the stall. but he unfortunately was unable to do so with out damaging the other vehicle. at that point he instructed him to just take off because they where about to get an increase in there insurance. so they did as he said. i was surprised because the things that my father was telling them to do would have been the most logical course of action. but they where not very good at driving that truck. i guess that with that example i guess one could say that men can drive large trucks as well?


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