Friday, June 02, 2006


recently there has been this update that checks to see if you have a genuine copy of xp. well if you can dont install it and tell updates to never remind you of that update again. With this new update i am almost in the notion that we should turn off auto updates and just wait each month for the autopatcher update. that way they go throught the trouble in finding the critical updates for you. either that or monitor everytime the updates come throught. i recommend that even if you dont know what autopatcher is. you may not know what you are looking for when you check the updates but just dont allow the genuine update get installed. then you will play hell getting it to go away. there are walk throughts, but it is a bit difficult to get through the process. just make sure that you are admin. i guess with vista coming out soon they want as many people to pay up, because it will be less expensive to upgrade then to buy a full version, if you actually choose one of the seven different shipping copies. i am starting to lean more towards mac and linux again, seeing how they use no copyright protection. that is a lot nicer and cheaper. I am also waiting fot the chance to run a triple threat in a stylish black powerbook. but anyway i am wondering off a little. what i will do is to put the link to autopatcher everymonth when the update is ready. the full version takes a few days to get out after the first of the month but the update is always out on time. so here you go, just click me this is assuming that you are up to date so far this year. other wise you will need to get the full version for last month and/or wait for the latest vesion to be released. and you are very naughty for not being up to date.


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