Monday, June 12, 2006

USA Go Home!

Czech Republic runs over USA

Today while most of us where at work and some of us where just waking up, that was me, and the rest of us where still sleeping the U.S team finds out the hard way that they still have no real grasp of the game we call football. The czech team came out firing, scoring their first goal in about 5 minutes and just kept the pressure on the U.S defense the rest of the half. the lack of urgency on the U.S part could be the reason that they just could not score a goal.
as for the czech team they are possibly the team to watch from their group. dispite the loss of their gigantic forword, Jan Koller, they still where able to keep the pressure offensivly and hold them back on defense. the czech team had a first time world cup player, Tomas Rosicky a midfielder, came to the rescue and steps up and fills the large shoes of their lone forword Jan Koller.
the match i want to see now is the czech team play the italians on the 22nd of june. this saturday the italians play the U.S and will probably hand them their second lose and squashing the U.S chances of moving on passed regular play.
all in all i dont think that the U.S should really get their hopes up and just enjoy their time in germany and not worry about their sorry performance.


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